Carpet Wicking – What is it, How to Get Rid of it

Have you ever spot cleaned a stain from your carpet just to have it reappear? This is called carpet wicking, the process of spots reappearing on carpets and rugs sometimes just days after you thought the stain was gone for good. Here is an explanation of why carpet wicking happens and what you can do to prevent and clean wicking should it happen to you.
Wicking happens when moisture and cleaning agents move from the base of the carpet fibers upward to the tips of the fibers and bringing any hidden or embedded dirt from the bottom of the fibers with them. One of the biggest causes of wicking is the use of too much moisture and/or cleaning solutions when spot cleaning or having carpets professionally cleaned. Another cause of wicking is a drying process that is too slow.

Part of wicking prevention is regular and proper vacuuming. When water and detergent rise back to the top of the carpet fiber they bring the dirt deeply embedded in the carpet up with them one way to reduce soil coming up from the bottom of carpet fibers is to limit the amount of soil on your carpet in the first place.  One way to keep the soil hanging out in your carpet to a minimum is to vacuum at least twice weekly, more often for higher traffic areas.

When treating a spot or stain on the carpet, use the right solvent for that particular stain and use as little moisture as possible. Make sure to blot and not rub when cleaning. Blotting is the action of setting the  cloth on the stain and letting it treat and absorb the stain this is better than rubbing as rubbing can push the stain farther into the carpet fibers. When finished treating a spot after all visible signs of the stain are removed be sure to dry the area. Either use a fan, blow dryer or clean dry cloth with a heavy weight to get every bit of moisture out of the carpet.

Another cause of wicking is hiring a carpet cleaning company with little training and care for your floors. Untrained carpet cleaners all too often tend to use too much moisture during thedeep cleaning process. It is important to do your homework when hiring the right carpet cleaners for you home.

So how does someone treat reappearing carpet stains? Your best plan of attack is to call in a reputable professional carpet cleaner. They will know how to treat the reappearing stain.

If you have a carpet wicking problem give All Kleen carpet a call.

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