Carpets and Cornrows

When you hear the word cornrow in the fall your mind begins to think about farms and those fun mazes you go through before or after you pick out a pumpkin. You may even think about the latest hair trend that has made a comeback among celebrities. Did you know that cornrows can show up in your carpet?

Cornrowing in carpet occurs when you see tiny indentations alternating in rows with fibers standing straight up to give an appearance that looks very similar to that of a farm corn field. If you have corn rows in your carpet you can rest assured that nothing went wrong in the manufacturing process. There are however a few different reasons why cornrowing occurs incarpet.

Poor Installation

Unfortunately not all companies who sell and install carpet do a great job at it. Some companies do not install carpet correctly and it can lead to a number of problems one of them being cornrows.

Doors Set Too Low

Some doors are installed improperly or were originally installed over hardwood or bare floors. If your doors are set too low they rub on the carpet frequently and as a result cornrows occur.

Wrong Padding

Choosing the right padding for you carpet is important. A too thin or too thick padding could result in carpet cornrowing. Good carpet padding should be around 7/16 of an inch and be 6 to 8 pounds in density.

Routine Care

Proper vacuuming is so crucial to carpet care if you are not vacuuming properly it could cause problems down the road one of those problems is cornrowing. Vacuuming with the brush set too low can cause cornrowing. The brush of the vacuum should be set to where the bristles are touching the tips of the carpet pile. Vacuuming in only one direction every single time you vacuum can also cause cornrowing as well as neglecting to vacuum the carpet for long periods of time or not vacuuming the carpet at all.

There are a few steps you can take to prevent and correct carpet cornrowing. Be sure to vacuum properly and regularly with the brush set correctly and frequently changing direction. You may be able to smooth out the lines of carpet rowing by using a carpet rake which you can find at many grocery stores, stores that sell home goods and stores that sell carpet or carpet care products.

Proper maintenance is very important not just to prolong the life of your carpet but also to prevent unwanted and unsightly results like cornrowing. Besides vacuuming the next best thing you can do for your carpet is to have it professionally cleaned at least every 18 months.

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