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Checklist for Hiring a Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Checklist for Hiring a Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Posted by on May 30, 2018

Though it is not the main goal of many businesses, it is important to keep a clean office with an impressive atmosphere. The condition of your office will help with many things including the impression you make on clients and the productivity and morale of your employees.

Checklist for Hiring a Commercial Carpet CleanerWhen you are hiring professionals to care for the condition of your office it is important to find the best. The largest fixture in your office is the floor and it is very important that the floors in your office receive expert care. So when you are hiring a commercial carpet cleaner you do not want to just pick the one with the cheapest rates from the directory.

There are some great factors that help to define a great commercial carpet care service.

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Using the Right Cleaning Products

There are countless different floor cleaning products for a professional cleaner to choose from, but not every professional strength cleaning solution is going to be right for your carpets. Using the wrong chemicals on your floors can result in damage with prolonged use.

Ask before hiring what chemicals a company uses. Go even further and ask why the company chooses to use those cleaning solutions and if their chosen cleaners are eco- friendly green solutions.

Another great question to ask is if they will do a small test run on a hidden patch of the floor to ensure the solutions will not have adverse reactions on your building’s floors.


Using the Best Cleaning Method

There are a few different methods professional carpet cleaners use, the best method is one that uses less water. Too much moisture can really damage a carpet. This is why most carpet manufacturers suggest the use of hot water extraction cleaning. Make sure you know the method of cleaning that your cleaner will be using and the equipment they use. You don’t want to hire someone who plans to come in with a rug doctor type machine, that is a red flag. A trustworthy professional cleaner is going to have the best in commercial truck mounted equipment.

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Training and Know-How

Professional carpet cleaning takes a fair amount of training and expertise. The technician operating the machinery and applying the chemicals to your carpets needs to have a good understanding of what chemicals are going to damage certain types of floors and how to operate the equipment. It is very easy to apply the wrong cleaner, too much cleaner, or too much moisture to a floor. It is critical to hire a well-trained technician. Ask a company how they train each of their employees to ensure they do the job well.


Customer Service and Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

It is hard to know how dedicated a company is to taking care of its customers until after you hire them and they have performed the job. You can get a good sense of a company’s dedication to service by their willingness to answer questions and help you get to know how they operate before signing a contract. A satisfaction guarantee also helps to determine this. It is also good to ask the company if they put their guarantee in writing and if they have any customer testimonials.

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