Why Choose Carpet?

Hard surface floors are gaining ground as the stylish and popular flooring choice. Watch a few episodes of a home improvement show and you will see a home owner ripping up tired old carpet in hopes of finding a hardwood floor still in good condition underneath.Why Choose Carpet

Many people have bought into the thought that hardwoods are much cleaner than carpeting. Truth is a floor is as clean as you make it. Carpet can be kept clean with the proper carpet care. There are actually benefits to choosing carpet in your home.

Wide Selection

Carpet doesn’t have to be that oddly colored or patterned stuff from your grandma’s house. There is a wide variety of types, styles, colors and updated patterns to fit every taste and lifestyle.

Good Value

It is easier to stay within your budget when you choose carpeting as there is a wider variety of choices in carpeting at lower price points.

Carpet Helps with Heating Costs

Carpet works as a source of insulation in your home. Carpet saves home owners an average of 10% on energy bills.Carpet can also help you keep in body heat lost through the feet making a room feel warmer.

Absorbs Noise

Homes with carpet stay quieter. Carpet is especially beneficial in homes with more than one floor because it absorbs the noise of footsteps.

Reduce the Chance of Slips and Falls

Carpet offers more traction especially in stocking feet. This is a big benefit if you have little ones or elderly in the home.

Keeps Air Clean

The results of studies conducted by the EPA show that carpet traps in pollutants such as pollen, dust, dander, dust mite droppings and more. Carpet gets a bad rap for being a pollutant collector but if you take proper care of it and have routine professional carpet cleanings your home will be more friendly to allergy sufferers than a home with hard surface floors.

All Kleen can help you to keep your carpets in top shape providing a comfortable and healthy home. Make an appointment online to get your carpets cleaned with a satisfaction guarantee.