Professional carpet cleaning is a very important part of carpet care and prolonging the life of your carpet. So when most people look for a carpet cleaner they want to find a reputable company that can give excellent results at a low price. What some home owners may miss in the search for a great cleaner is the importance of hiring an eco-friendly or green cleaner.

The benefits and importance of finding green cleaner are bigger than some people may realize.Why Choose an Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaner

Perhaps the most important reason to hire a clean cleaner is its impact on the environment inside your home. Harsh carpet cleaners can be very harmful to your health. There are a number of carpet cleaning chemicals out there that are pretty damaging to health and especially harsh on small children and pets. Some of these chemicals are even believed to be carcinogenic (cancer causing) when exposed in large amounts. Green cleaners use eco-friendly solutions that are not harmful to the inhabitants of the home.

It is also important to care for the environment around our home as well as inside of it. The pacific northwest is a beautiful place to live and to keep it that way we need to be good stewards. Green cleaning solutions have a smaller impact on the planet so we can continue to enjoy it.

All Kleen uses the hot water extraction method which allows for less water and less solution to be used another added bonus of hiring a green carpet cleaner. Not only is less solution better because it makes less of an impact on the people in your home and the surrounding environment the dry time is significantly faster so you can get back to life as usual.

For information on our earth friendly cleaning solutions check out our product information page our ask any of our skilled technicians for a product information sheet.

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