Clean Carpet Secrets

People who choose to install carpet in their home over other choices such as hardwood prefer the comfort and softness that it brings to a home. Finishing floors with hardwood and tile alternatives has become increasing in popularity due to the misconception that carpet is more high-maintenance than other flooring choices.

With some simple preventive care steps carpet can look and perform well for many years in your home. Some preventive measures even take little to no effort at all and can also be applied to caring for tile and wood floors as well. Here are some great preventive cleaning “secrets” to keep your carpet in top shape.

Take Your Shoes Off

Shoes go with you outside and come in contact with everything on the ground that you don’t want on your feet. When you walk on your floors with those same shoes, all of that stuff you are protecting your feet from is now on the floors inside your home. The biggest offender of carrying dirt and soil into the home and onto the floors is the sole of your shoe.

Don’t Walk Around Barefoot

But wait a minute; didn’t we just advise you to take your shoes off in the house? There are oils in your skin and there is skin on the bottom of your feet. The oil from your skin gets transferred into the carpet and leaves behind a small amount of residue. This residue then becomes a sticky magnet for debris leading to a dirty soiled look on the carpet. So what is a person to do? Walk around the house in some cozy socks or comfy house slippers used only for the inside of the house not walking around outside to get the morning paper or take the garbage to the curb.

Mats both Inside and Outside

Have a mat on each side of every door that leads outside. Outside mats remove large debris off of your shoes from outside and the indoor mat takes it a step further to remove most of the smaller particles. It is very important that you clean these mats on a regular basis otherwise the debris they collect will be on your floors rendering them a hindrance not a help.

Stay on Top of Vacuuming

Vacuuming is one of the best things you can do to care for your carpet. Regular vacuuming helps to keep anything that settled on the carpet from embedding deep into the fibers. Un-vacuumed carpet will have a buildup of debris that causes wear and tear and leave carpet looking dingy. Carpet Manufacturers recommend at least weekly vacuuming, more in high traffic areas.

Clean Your Vacuum

A dirty vacuum cleaner is a poor performing vacuum cleaner. Over time all that dirt and debris that your vacuum sucks up builds up inside the cleaner. To keep your cleaner cleaning at its best keep it clean according to the instruction manual it came with.

Don’t Forget Yearly Deep Cleaning

Every carpet comes with a manual and in those care manuals is a recommendation to have your carpets professionally steam cleaned at least every 12 to 18 months depending upon use. In fact it is so important to have your carpets cleaned that many manufacturers make it a condition in order to keep the warranty on the carpet.

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