The holidays are a busy time of year for many people. There is so much to think about and do finding the perfect presents for the kids and relatives, planning parties, cooking meals, baking treats, wrapping those prefect presents and more. Some times in the holiday rush home cleaning gets put on the back burner and then you find yourself rushing around to get the home “cleanish” for guests.

The holiday season is a great time to consider having your carpets professionally cleaned. Having the pros come in to do a thorough deep cleaning of your floors and even upholstery is a great way to get the home looking and feeling fresh for parties and get- togethers. Let the pros come in a get your carpets looking nearly brand new while you worry about the other things on your holiday list.

When your carpets are freshly cleaned it gives your guests the feeling of a warm and welcoming fresh environment and allows them to better enjoy the true beauty of your home. If you have pets a professional cleaning can help to remove a lot of pet dander that can be irritating to guests with pet allergies. Highly trained carpet pros can get unsightly stains out of the carpet that would otherwise be embarrassing for your guests to see.

In addition to creating a happier holiday atmosphere that you don’t have to stress bout you can also have the pros apply a stain resistant guard. Stain guard is a great way to prevent those holiday spills from soaking into the carpet by causing them to bead up ready to be quickly blotted up.

In your holiday rush get yourself a little treat by lightening the cleaning load with a professional cleaning of your carpet and upholstery. All Kleen is ready to freshen your home with dependable highly trained cleaning professionals at affordable prices..

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