How to Clean Up Christmas Tree Sap from Carpet

Real live Christmas trees are beautiful and add  a lot of whimsy to your holiday home decorating. Unfortunately those beautiful wonderful live trees can sometimes make a  mess in your carpet. It is not at all that uncommon to  end up finding a spot of sap or two on your flooring if you have a real tree in your home. Sap is a difficult thing to remove from carpeting but with quick treatment you can successfully remove the stubborn substance from your carpet fibers.

Here are three different methods for removing tree sap from your carpet:

Household/green cleaning items: How to Clean Up Christmas Tree Sap from Carpet

There are many items around your home that you can use to break down the stickiness of tree sap and remove it from your flooring. These items include mostly things from your kitchen such as mayonnaise, peanut butter, and cooking oil. These items do  have a tendency to leave an oil spot behind on the flooring so you may want to use it sparingly and carefully. You will want to apply these items directly to the sap in the carpet and let them break down the sticky material by gently massaging it into the affected area of carpet. Once the carpet has released the sap you will want to wash away whatever you used to break down the sap.

Alcohol cleaning method

Using alcohol is the most popular and quickest form of tree sap removal. The alcohol dries up the sap and allows it to be removed from the carpet fibers. You will need either rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer with alcohol in it and several white paper towels or clean white cloths.

First do a  colorfast check by testing an unseen spot of carpeting with the alcohol. The best place to do a colorfast check on your carpet is the inside of a closet or  a corner behind furniture. You want to make sure that the alcohol will not pull the color out of your carpet. After you have checked to ensure the alcohol is safe for your carpet moisten a clean white cloth with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer and  gently blot the sap with a new  area of the cloth. Make sure to use a clean area of cloth to avoid reapplying sap to your carpet fibers as the sap will stick to the cloth with the alcohol. If the tree sap has sunk deep into the fibers it will be necessary to massage gently with your fingers to reach the deepest down part of the stain. Make sure to work quickly before the alcohol dries up. Allow the alcohol to dry and repeat the process as needed if there are still hard or sticky spots in your flooring. Once all of the sap is removed rinse the carpeting with a clean cloth and lukewarm water then blot dry with another clean cloth.

Cleaning solution method

There are also a few cleaning products you can use to  remove tree sap from carpet: dry cleaning solvent, bleach free laundry detergent, or ammonia.

Start by  selecting one of the previously mentioned cleaning products,and grab some clean white cloths or  paper towels and a solution of mild dish soap and water. Apply chosen cleaning product to cloth and gently blot on sap. Once sap has been removed apply soap and water to rinse all cleaning product out of the carpet.

If the sap is hanging on for dear life and you just can’t remove it don’t hesitate to call in the professionals. All Kleen has a team of highly trained technicians ready to get out your toughest holiday stains. Make an appointment online right now!

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