How to Clean Your Cleaning Tools

There are hundreds of cleaning tools on the market today to help get the job of maintaining your home done more easily and hopefully more quickly. If your cleaning tools are dirty they don’t help the cleaning process but hinder it. Here are some tips for cleaning your cleaning tools and bringing them back to the cleaning machines they once were when first purchased them.

VacuumHow to Clean Your Cleaning Tools

Your vacuum is the most important tool in carpet care. Over time the gunk that your vacuum is sucking out of the carpet starts to build up inside the vacuum cleaner. To keep your vacuum working at its best make sure to read the owners manual cleaning instructions.

Some easy ways to clean a vacuum are to pull off the hoses and filters and clean them in a bath tub with warm water and mild dishwashing liquid. If you have a canister it would be aa good idea to wash that out as well. If you have a vacuum that uses a bag make sure to change the bag often before it is full.

Clean and rotate brushes. You can even wipe down the insides of the main body or use forced air to remove anything that might be clogging a hose or line.

Rags and/or Cloths

Rags and Cloths are a must have in every cleaning arsenal. These tools needs to be cleaned more often than others. As soon as you are finished cleaning rinse the cleaning agents out with water then you can set them to dry and stick them in the laundry to clean. If you use microfiber cloths be sure to pay special attention to the cleaning instructions as many microfiber cloths are better if cleaned with detergent that has no fabric softeners.

Brooms and Mops

Brooms are pretty easy to clean. Start by wiping down the handle, next submerge the bristles in warm soapy water and gently loosen and debris with your fingers. Once the gunk is out of the bristles rinse in clean water and set outside to dry.

The method for cleaning mops depends on the type of mop head you have. Many cotton mop heads are removable allowing you to stick them in the washing machine with a milld detergent. For sponge heads that are removable stick them in the dishwasher. For non removable sponge mops heads soak in a bucket of lemon juice, vinegar , and water then rinse clean.

Clean tools clean your home much better than dirty ones so show those tools some love with a monthly cleaning. To reach the deep down debris that cleaning tools miss call in the professionals. All Kleen has a wide range of deep cleaning services to keep your home its cleanest and your finishes lasting longer. Make an appointment online for fast efficient service.