Beer may be good for relaxing after a long hard day or enjoying some hang time with friends. It is also quite handy as a cleaning solution for many different things around the home. Read on to discover the many cleaning uses for beer.  Cleaning with Beer? Can you Clean with Beer?


Wash your pillowcase in beer for a better night’s sleep. Hops are an herbal replacement for sleeping pills. Simply put your pillowcase or cases into the machine and pour a spoonful or two of hoppy IPA into the water. The hoppy scent will linger on the pillow cases and help you drift off to dreamland. 

Copper and Cast Iron Cookware 

Soak your copper or Cast Iron in beer for 5 to 10 minutes and then use a soft cloth to buff the surface and remove stains. It will look good as new.  


Have some tired, hardworking feet? Give them a nice soak in some beer. The enzymes in beer help to soften calluses. Fill a large tub with enough warm water to cover your feet up to your ankles and add half a bottle of beer. Then soak away for at least 15 minutes or as long as the water is comfortably warm.  

Wood Furniture  

Flat beer that has fizzled out can actually be used to bring wood furniture back to life. Apply the flat beer to a soft cloth and gently rub like you would a regular polish onto the furniture. When you are done you will have a shinier and more richly colored piece. (Tip: test on an unseen area first to see if you like the result.)   

Carpet Stains 

In a pinch, beer can be used as an all-purpose carpet stain remover. Just make sure to test this cleaning method on an unseen area of carpet first to make sure there are no adverse reactions with the beer and your carpet. Once tested, simply pour a very small amount onto the stain and let it sit for a few minutes then blot with a clean cloth. Once the stain is removed grab some dish soap and water to rinse the beer away.  


Beer can revive your dull and tired locks. Create a beer shampoo by boiling a few cups of beer on the stovetop, once the beer is bubbling turn the heat to medium and boil it down to 25 percent of its original volume. (This will cook off all the alcohol.) Once the beer has boiled down, allow it to cool to room temperature and mix it with shampoo until you have the same amount you started with. Now you are ready to refresh your locks.  

If you aren’t into making your own shampoo there are a few companies out there that make beer shampoos. 

Cleaning with Beer? Can you Clean with Beer? YES!

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