Cleaning Hard Water Spots

Over time ceramic surfaces and other hard surfaces in rooms with moisture like the kitchen and especially the bathroom can develop what looks like dried rain drops. These are known as hard water spots they are a build up mineral deposits and even soap. These spots can be annoying and unsightly and have a reputation of being hard to eliminate. Here are some ways you can tackle hard water spots in your home.

A great green cleaner for water spots is a simple 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar. For really tough water spots full strength vinegar is best.

For faucets take the vinegar solution and wipe down the fixture. Next soak a clean cloth in the water and vinegar solution and wrap around the faucet fixture. Hold the wet cloth in place with a rubber band and leave it to work on the water stains for a few hours. After the solution has had ample time to break down the spots use another cloth to scrub the spots away and then rinse with clean water.

For larger areas like shower doors and shower walls or tile counter tops/backsplashes take your solution and put it in a spray bottle. Spay a small area and quickly scrub that area clean moving on to another small area until all the water spots are gone. When finished scrubbing rinse with clean water.

For shower heads that are gunky fill a plastic bag with pure vinegar enough to submerge the shower head. Place the bag over the shower head so that the fixture is completely covered and hold in place with a rubber band. Leave the bag full of vinegar on the shower head for around eight hours. You can also remove the shower head if its easy to do so and soak it in a bowl of vinegar.

For really tough hard water spots that just wont go away call in the professionals. All Kleen has skilled cleaners ready to tackle your toughest tile grime and get your home sparkling again. Make an appointment online and get quick quality cleaning service.