Cleaning Your Home to Prepare for Staging

 Proper staging is so important when you are selling a home and expect to sell it quickly for top dollar. Even the best-staged homes need to be spotless or the staging won’t matter. Follow these tips for cleaning your home to get it ready for staging and ready to sell fast. Cleaning Your Home to Prepare for Staging

The less you have in your home, when buyers come to view every part of it at a showing, the better. If you don’t use something every day, go ahead and pack it up and then take all of those things and stow them away off the property in a place they will not be seen. It is easier for buyers to see all of the great things about the property with fewer belongings.  

Added Bonus: There is much less to pack up when the home is sold. 

  • Dust Everything 

 If you are getting ready to thoroughly clean your home then you more than likely are expecting to have to dust, but there are some areas that you should dust that you may not have thought about. When dusting to get your home ready for sale, pay special attention to areas like the baseboards, lighting fixtures, shelves, walls and ceilings, and even behind furniture. 

  • Conduct a Smell Test 

Ask a close friend who does not live in your home and will be completely honest with you to walk in the door and take in a big breath to determine if your home has a funky smell. It is easy to become nose blind to everyday smells in our own homes, but those that don’t live there will be able to smell them when they walk in. You don’t want to turn a buyer off right when they walk in the door. 

  • Make the Bathroom Feel Brand New 

Bathrooms are a very important and sought out area to scrutinize when buying a new home so you want to make the room seem immaculate. Scrub every inch of the toilet including around the bolts on the toilet seat and behind and around the base. Scrub every corner of the shower and tub surround. Make sure the faucets have been thoroughly scrubbed, especially around the seams at the base. To truly get your bathroom glowing, consider hiring a professional grout/tile/stone cleaner. 

  • Showcase the Kitchen 

This is the hub of the home and the place where most of the attention is going to be focused. Make sure to clean everything even inside the cabinets and under the sink, because it will all be looked at by the most discerning of buyers. If you have tile or stone in the kitchen consider having a pro deep clean. 

  • Examine the Floors Before the Final Staging Process 

Before you arrange the remaining furniture perfectly to showcase the home so that buyers can imagine themselves there, take a very critical look at all of the floors especially the carpets. If you can afford it, this is the most important place to hire a professional cleaner. You will be surprised at how fantastic your home looks after a deep cleaning.  

Now you are all set and ready to stage the home to get it sold more quickly! 

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