Cleaning Resolutions, Small Things You Can Do For Your Home

There is so much demanding attention from us in January that it is difficult to find time to think about how we can improve the quality of our life,over last year. With post holiday clean up and decoration storing, getting the kids back to school and readjusted to their daily routine,and lofty New Year Resolutions it’s tough to keep those smaller or less fun goals a priority.

We usually assume that to significantly improve our quality of life we need to make  huge new year resolutions and goals. The larger the goal the less likely it is to be accomplished when we lead busy lives. Making goals that require just a small change have a higher success rate and ultimately make a bigger impact as they are easier to stick with over time.

Doing small things to improve your living environment will have a huge impact on not just your home but also your health, stress, and happiness. Studies have shown that the condition of our homes can play a huge role in our quality of living.  Cleaning Resolutions, Small Things You Can Do For Your Home

Here are some small changes you can make at home this year that will have a HUGE impact:

Have Carpets Cleaned Professionally

This may seem like a large task but really all you need to have your carpets cleaned is a phone or computer and a small chunk of change. All Kleen has the best budget friendly deep cleaning service out there. Let our highly trained staff get your floors looking brand new, all you have to do is make the appointment.

Hire a Green Cleaner

Some companies use cleaners that are shown to have harmful chemicals. Some of these chemicals are even believed to be carcinogenic. Why not hire a professional cleaning company that uses environmentally safe and green cleaners so you know you are creating a healthy atmosphere for your home as well as the planet.

Deep Clean Mattresses

As far as having things deep cleaned in your home, mattresses often get overlooked. Mattresses can collect quite a bit of bacteria, dust in the form of skin cells and even microscopic creatures. Yuck! It is very important to deep clean your mattress not only for cleanliness but for your quality of health as well.

Protective/Preventative Coating

Having regular professional cleanings of your carpet, upholstery, and tile/ grout is important to the longevity of fixtures and a healthy environment in your home. Some people have bought into the myth that as long as you have the cleanings done it is unnecessary to apply stain guard or have tile sealed. These finishes may be an extra charge but they are very impactful in keeping stains and dirt to a minimum.

All of these things get overlooked or deemed as inconsequential, but they are all things that make a HUGE impact in the health and condition of your home. All Kleen has a team of trained technicians dedicated to customer care ready to take care of all these tasks and more to get your home on track for the new year.