Cleaning Up After Thanksgiving in Half the Time

Cleaning Up After Thanksgiving in Half the Time – All of the work and thoughtfulness you put into creating a lovely large feast for your family can quickly become a fleeting moment of joy when it comes time to clean it all up. The clean-up doesn’t have to be a huge dreaded chore with the right preparation game plan.

Having a plan in place before the big day can mean a smaller mess and a much quicker clean up. Here are some proactive plans that will have you enjoying post meal time with your family, not stuck in the kitchen for the rest of the night.

Plan a PotluckCleaning Up After Thanksgiving in Half the Time

The very first Thanksgiving was a potluck where the Pilgrims and Natives brought their best foods to share. Why not stick with this and have everyone bring something of their favorite to share. If you are concerned about having more than one dish of potatoes or weird food that no one will appreciate create a Google spreadsheet that everyone coming can see and place the dish they will be bringing or sign up for what they are willing to bring. This will reduce your cooking time, and your cleanup time because they will not be your dishes.

Have a Soaking Station Ready

As soon as you put the food out on a pretty platter, soak the pots and pans. Let them soak during dinner for super quick clean up. When you are ready to clean them create a new soaking station for the dishes you ate with to soak while you clean the pots and pans.

Use Cookware that Can Go to the Fridge or Freezer or Have the Tupperware Set Out and Ready

Bake items in casserole dishes that have lids where you can take them straight from the table to the fridge for preserving and enjoying tomorrow. If you do not have those then have the Tupperware ready on the counter after cooking to bring the food from the table straight to the fridge.

Get the Trash Cans Ready

Once dinner is over there will be much need for the trash can. Have the can ready to take on a large load by lining it with several bags. Once the can is full you can just pull the full bag out and the next empty one is ready to go and receive more right away.

Get Some Professional Help

Call in the cleaning pros before you have the big meal. This will help to prep space and make it easier to clean. For example: having a carpet cleaner come in and clean the carpet and even apply a stain guard is a great way to ensure your carpets stay in great shape and stand up to accidental spills.

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