Clever Tricks to Keeping the House Clean

Some of us are shaped to keep tidy homes and love organization, while others quickly feel overwhelmed with one more task added to their plate. One thing is true for all of us no matter how we feel about cleaning; finding a way to do it more efficiently and quickly is something that is appealing.Clever Tricks to Keeping the House Clean

Everyone looks for ways to clean smarter not harder. Cleaning smart boils down to four key strategies: cutting clutter, multitasking, having great tools and staying on top of tasks. Using these will give you a cleaner home on a consistent basis with less cleaning time and effort.

First Lay Out Your Clever Cleaning Schedule

The clever cleaning method employs the strategy that the key to a clean home all the time is breaking tasks down into smaller and more attainable goals.

Every Day: Make beds, do one load of laundry from start to finish, wash the dishes, take out trash, pick up and put away items not in their proper place.

Weekly: Vacuum, shake out rugs, dust, mop, clean bathrooms, change bedding.

Monthly: Vacuum furniture, clean windows, clean behind and beneath furniture, wipe down baseboards, clean window/door tracts.

Bi-annually: Clean closets, look at storage areas, clean gutters, power wash porches/decks/driveways/other outdoor areas.

Great Tools = Great Results

There are thousands of cleaning tools in the stores and just because it is made for a certain task does not mean it will help get a job done.  Using a tool that is subpar or meant for something else can make a job longer. Like trying to tighten a screw with a level, using a screw driver is clearly the better way to go. Luckily some of the best cleaning supplies that get jobs done the right way with less hassle are some of the most budget friendly.

Cheap Classics That Get the Job Done

Bleach and Water: makes a tough all-purpose cleaner that kills nearly every germ including norovirus. Mix one part bleach to four parts water.

Baking Soda and Water: a great gentle abrasive for scrubbing jobs like tubs and metal fixtures.

Vinegar and Water: Vinegar is a natural disinfectant of most germs, it also makes a great glass cleaner. Mix with water in a one to one ratio.

Cotton Rags: Use old t-shirts to dust, they work great on delicate surfaces.

A Little More Money, but Worth the Price

Microfiber Cloths: THE BEST dusting tool, dust practically jumps off the surface and into the cloth.

Magic Eraser: they are great on many things especially wall scuffs and laundry stains.

Mops w/ Disposable or Washable Heads: great for touching up floors between deep cleanings.


Work twice as fast by tucking smaller jobs in with larger ones like:

  • When taking out the trash, look in the fridge for old or expired items
  • Make a grocery list while wiping down shelves and organizing the pantry
  • Clean light fixtures when changing a burnt out bulb
  • Every time you buy something new or move a new item to storage, toss or recycle something
  • When putting up seasonal decorations clean hard to reach or rarely seen places

Stay on Top of Routine Deep Cleanings

Don’t skip out on routine professional deep cleanings like carpet, upholstery, and tile cleanings. The best way to get your home looking and staying fresh and like new is to have professional deep cleanings done at least once a year.

For the best professional deep cleaning in the Snohomish County and North Seattle areas make an appointment with All Kleen.

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