Clever Ways to Make Your Vacuum Even More Useful

Vacuums are the most important tool for your carpets, but there is so much more they can do than cleaning up floors. Here are some great ways to make your vacuum even more useful around the house.  

Recovering Small Objects Clever Ways to Make Your Vacuum Even More Useful

While you don’t want to just suck everything up when you are cleaning the floor, the vacuum can be very useful to help retrieve and recover small objects that are hard to grab or see with the help of some tights or nylons.  

Pull out the attachment hose of the vacuum and place a pair of tights, nylons, or even a stocking over the hole. Holding the tights in place, turn the vacuum on and vacuum over the area where the item you are searching for went missing. The vacuum will suck the item up, while the tights hold it from getting sucked up the hose.  

Fix Carpet Indentations 

Over time, furniture sitting in the same place on the carpet will cause indents in the carpet where the feet of your furniture was sitting. You can bring the carpet fibers back to life and re-fluff them with the help of your vacuum. Start by placing an ice cube in the “hole” and letting it melt. Let the carpet almost completely dry and then vacuum the area to fluff those fibers straight up.  

Clever Ways to Make Your Vacuum Even More UsefulAir Freshening  

Freshen your carpet and the smell of the air in your home at the same time! Before your next vacuuming, make sure the canister is completely empty (or before you replace the bag) and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a cotton ball. Place the cotton ball in the canister (or brand new bag) and then get to vacuuming as usual. The air in the vacuum will carry the scent around the room. Now you have a clean floor and a really good smelling room.  

Get Lint Out of the Dryer 

You have probably heard that you should clean the lint trap in your dryer with every single load to prevent a fire. There is more to cleaning lint in your dryer than just scraping a little bit out of the trap. A couple of times a year pull the lint trap out of the dryer and use the crevice tool attachment for the hose to vacuum out lint hanging out in the vent that could build up and catch on fire. 

Pet Grooming 

Need a way to help out with the shedding of your animals, especially since the groomers are closed and you are at home most of the day? If your pet is not scared by the noise of the vacuum, you can use your vacuum like a grooming brush. The added bonus is the hair goes right into the vacuum. No brush cleaning or picking up clumps of hair.  


Dusting may seem a little less tedious if you use the vacuum. All those fancy attachment tools that come with the vacuum to plug on the end of the hose actually have intended uses. The tool with brush bristles around the end is for dusting. Just remember to dust from top to bottom and plan to vacuum the floors when done.  

Soft Surfaces 

Many people are busy and don’t think of giving the soft surfaces of their home a good cleaning until they get musty or overly dusty. Ideally you should be vacuuming all of your upholstered  furniture and the mattresses in your home periodically. Furniture should be vacuumed once a week like the floors and mattresses every two weeks (or every month if you just can’t fit it in).  

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