Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes – Carpet cleaning can seam intimidating there is a wealth of knowledge on the Internet of carpet cleaning know how. If you read it all at once it can become daunting or overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. The rules of carpet care are pretty basic and the Internet has made it easy to find just about any cleaning technique you could need. There are a few common mistakes that people make when caring for their carpet. Here are some things you want to avoid when it comes to carpet care.

  1. Not Cleaning a Stain as Quickly as Possible- The fresher the stain is the easier it will be to remove from the carpet. Allowing a spill to sit on carpet or dry means for a tougher stain removal. If you spill liquids on the carpet they will sink in and can get down into the padding. It is always best to grab a cleaning solution and clean that stain as soon as it happens to avoid a permanent mess.
  2. Using the Wrong Cleaning Product– Not all stains are created equal, items have different chemical makeups and react differently to cleaning solutions. There are many great all-purpose carpet products out there but they wont remove everything under the sun from your carpet. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and get a degree in chemistry, but it is a good idea to consult the Internet for some tips on specific stains. Our home remedies page is a great place to find spot removing tips. Also don’t use cleaners that are general all-purpose home cleaners on carpet without checking the label first. Some of these chemicals are too harsh for carpet fibers.
  3. Using a Cleaning Solution Without Testing- Before using a new cleaning solution for the first time it is best to find an area of the carpet that isn’t easily seen like in a corner, a closet, or under a rug to make sure it wont bleach the color out or ruin the fiber.
  4. Not Having the Carpet Professionally Cleaned- Many people don’t have their carpetsprofessionally cleaned because they think it is too expensive and not worth the money. The benefits of hiring a professional to deep clean your carpets are numerous. Professional carpet cleaning will prolong the life of your carpet and get it the deepest clean it can get.

Carpet Care is generally simple with a little bit of know how. If you find yourself in need of carpet cleaning help don’t be afraid to call us we are happy to help..