Fancy tiles are all the range in home decorating these days from subway tile in the bathroom, to glass or metallic backsplashes, to those new tiles that look like hardwood planks on the floors. If you have beautiful new tile or any tile in your home you will want to do your best to keep it looking great. Here are some common mistakes people make when caring for their tile that you will want to avoid.

Bleach and Ammonia Cleaners

Over time harsh bleach and ammonia based cleaners can discolor your grout it will be a gradual process but if you use these cleaners long enough it will happen. Instead try a mild all-purpose cleaner or one suggested by the tile maker.

Scrubbing Materials

Tile has a finish that can easily be scuffed up with the use of steel wool, scrubbing powders or even the scrubbing side of a sponge. Try to avoid these and stick to soft clothes or mops when cleaning. It may be ok to bring out the sponge in the case of a stain but be careful.

Leaving Spills

Tile is porous and stains left to sit on tile can be soaked in and stain permanently. Stay on top of spills and clean them as soon as you see them.

Not Enough Sweeping and Mopping

Dirt is a big cause of wear on your tile floor. Tile floors should be vacuumed and swept regularly to keep dirt and dust from settling too long. It is a good idea to give your tile floor a quick daily sweep and at least a weekly mopping more for high traffic areas.

No Door Mats

A majority of the dirt that comes into the home from outside is brought in on the soles of our shoes. Placing an outdoor mat and a softer indoor mat on the correct sides of the door will do a lot to eliminate a large amount of dirt tracked in and deposited on the tile floors. You can take it a step further and remove shoes at the door.

Too Much Water

Using too much water when you mop will damage tile and grout. Minerals in tap water can discolor tile and too much moisture can leave grout to mold and mildew. If you mop with a bucket take the extra step to hand dry the floors.

Not Sealing

Sealing grout is very beneficial and will help to protect grout from wear and tear as well as offer stain protection. Call a professional cleaner to seal your grout.

Not Deep Cleaning

About once a year you should hire a professional to deep clean your tile and grout. Over time dirt builds up and only a deep clean can get it out.

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