Couch Cleaning Hacks to Renew Your Furniture

If your couch is looking like it has seen better days don’t throw it out just yet. You might be able to bring it back to life with these great couch hacks.Couch Cleaning Hacks to Renew Your Furniture

  1. Use Hydrogen Peroxide on Ink Stains

Prevent the spreading of ink during spot treatment by dousing it with a bit of hydrogen peroxide. You do want to test hydrogen peroxide on an unseen area first to make sure it does not bleach out the fabric. After applying the hydrogen peroxide to prevent more ink bleeding, clean the spot with mild hand dishwashing soap and water.

  1. Try a Bit of Rubbing Alcohol on Mystery Spots

Use rubbing alcohol to clean a microfiber couch. Lightly mist old mystery spots with rubbing alcohol using a spray bottle. Gently scrub sprayed spots away with a soft bristle brush or sponge.

  1. Give Leather Furniture a Polish

Shoe polish could disguise those scratches on your leather furniture. It won’t take the scratch out completely but it could make them unnoticeable unless you are looking really hard. A great fix if you have a few scratches in your leather furniture.

  1. Give Dry Leather an Olive Oil Conditioner

If your leather furniture is looking a little thirsty and on the verge of cracking breath life back into it with simple olive oil. Rub a small amount of olive oil into the dry spot and let it sit for about an hour then wipe the excess away.

Removing Hot Glue from Upholstery

  1. Hide Rips with Stylish Patchwork

Holes and severe cat scratches don’t have to be the end of your couch. There are many creative ways that you can patch up just the area that is affected. You can even make your sofa fit better with your decor with certain types of patches. For example: try lace for a shabby chic look.

How to Buy a Sofa or Couch That Lasts

  1. Call in a Professional Cleaner

Furniture is a high use item in our homes and we don’t notice it because it is so gradual, but with time our furniture starts to look worn down and dingy. When furniture gets like this, most people just throw it out. If you have never had your upholstery professionally cleaned we highly recommend it. Ideally, you should have your upholstery professionally cleaned at least once a year to extend the life of your furniture and get the best use out of it. For couches that have not been cleaned in a while you may be surprised at how a professional cleaning can make your couch look almost brand new.

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