Create a Cozy Place for Unexpected Holiday Houseguests

Holidays bring together families and friends; sometimes through organized and planned events and sometimes from a chaotic surprise. You may find yourself hosting an overnight guest or two during the season; whether planned for well in advance or communicated at the last minute (like your sister and her family showing up on the front porch with luggage, or Great Grandma staying a few extra nights.) Don’t worry we have some great pro-active tips for you to be ready for any type of holiday houseguests.  

Create a Cozy Place for Unexpected Holiday Houseguests

  • Have a Porch Ready to Receive Guests 

When your guests first arrive they will be coming through the front door and more than likely using that main entrance as their way of coming and going from your home for the duration of their stay. Do a quick front porch check: make sure it is swept up, the front mat is clean and ready to catch dirt from high traffic, the porch lights are on and bulbs are working, and , if you live in a cold climate with freezing temps, salt walkways and stairs and have the shovel ready.  


  • Make the Entry Inviting 

As soon as guests walk in the door have space for them to hang up outwear (jackets, hats, scarves, gloves) and remove their shoes. A freestanding coat rack and a big basket work wonders to create a sort of mudroom if you do not have one. Having a no shoe policy in the home is very beneficial to your floors, especially carpets. Go the extra mile and provide some cheap slippers and/or slipper socks for guests to wear in your home. If you are not into making guests remove their shoes make sure you have some high-quality indoor and outdoor mats on both sides of the door to catch winter shoe gunk before it reaches your floors.  


  • Test Drive the Guest Room 

Stay a night in your own guest room and see how it measures up. Would you want to stay there if you were not in the comforts of your own home? Ask yourself these questions:  

  • How is the bed?- Should the mattress be flipped? Are the pillows adequate? Is the bedding warm and cozy enough? Is there an extra blanket handy for guests that like to be super warm? 

  • Is there a bedside table with a lamp?- Some guests like to have their phone next to them, be able to turn out the lights without climbing out of bed and then having to stumble back in the dark, have a glass of water, or set down their glasses, etc.
  • How is the temperature? – Is the heater producing a tropical environment in the room, is it akin to the North Pole, or is it just right? 

  • Are there enough open outlets?- Is there plenty of space for your guest(s) to charge their phones, tablets, laptops, or other devices? 

  • Would You Know How Everything Works?- Welcome your guests in with a personalized note on the side table or pillow telling them you are glad they are here and how to operate things in the room such as the tv, accessing the wifi, heating system, stereo, light switches, or whatever is in the room that may require a quick tutorial.  
  • What about a few super thoughtful touches?– What would make you feel like the host went the extra mile to add that little special touch? Maybe a few bottles of water and some small snacks so that they don’t need to get up in the middle of the night and awkwardly make their way to the kitchen, extra robes, a book or some magazines in case they forgot their reading material, an alarm clock, a collection of movies by the tv, etc.  


  • Get the Bathroom Ready 

Guests that stay multiple days are going to want to bathe in the bathroom. Make it a welcoming space with plenty of fresh towels, extra toilet paper, full soap dispenser, air freshener, and maybe an extra toothbrush and some travel size toiletries in case they forgot anything. ( This is a great way to use up all those hotel shampoos you stash in your bag on trips.)  

For an extra nice touch provide another note with direction on how to operate the faucet, remind shower uses about the fan, let them know they are welcome to use the toiletries, and where the extra toilet paper is stashed. It is also good to communicate if the hot water is super hot or how to get it to just the right setting. A great idea is to place this note in a picture frame in a highly visible spot so you can keep it up for all guests all the time.  


  • Get a Deep Cleaning 

Give your guests the most comfortable of surroundings and unload some stress from your shoulders by bringing in a professional to deep clean carpets, floors, tile, stone, upholstery, etc. No need to worry if your home is clean enough for guests when you have just had a deep cleaning.  

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