Creative Uses for Carpet Scraps

After installing carpet there is that extra bit left over called the scraps. Mistakenly, some home owners throw the scraps out thinking they are just junk taking up space in the home. Carpet scraps actually have many helpful uses around your home. We have compiled a list of just a few.

  • Help Move Heavy Furniture Creative Uses for Carpet Scraps

Cut small squares of carpet scraps and place them pile side facing down under the legs of heavy furniture then push it across the floor to re-arrange a room. This is also a good trick to help move furniture just slightly to avoid permanent carpet indentations.

  • Free Riding Mowers from Mud

Okay so maybe this tip is not useful for the average home owner, but for those with larger pieces of land it is quite useful. If your mower becomes stuck in a muddy area of grass just stick a carpet scrap under the edge of the stuck wheel to help dislodge it.

  • Gardening Cushion

Instead of investing in a pad grab a good size scrap of carpet and roll it up a little to rest your knees on while tending to flower beds.

  • Scratching Post

Make a custom treat for you feline friend. It’s  easy to do by gluing a piece of carpet to a wood post or PVC pipe.

  • Cozy Up a Dog House

Line your dog’s dwelling with a comfy piece if carpet to provide a cushy place for Fido to take a rest.

  • Insulate Compost

On cold northwest days cover your compost pile with carpet to keep it warm and help it decompose faster.

  • Protect Car Doors and Garage Walls

Place an extra scrap of carpet on the garage walls to prevent the car  door from hitting the garage wall and scraping or dinging the door or wall.

  • Clean Window Screens and Screen Doors

Dip a clean scrap of carpet into warm soapy water and rub the pile side along the screen to free it of all the gunk that builds  up in the tiny holes.

  • Muffle the Washer and Dryer

Reduce the thumping noises of your washer and dryer by placing scraps of carpet under the feet.

  • Repair/ Patch Carpet on the Floor

This is probably the most important reason to keep carpet scraps. Should you have a mishap where a spot on your carpet is past stain removal or there is a hole you will be so grateful you kept that extra carpet. Call in a professional carpet cleaner and allow them to use that spare piece of carpet to repair the unsightly snafu.

  • Use Really Large Scraps as Area Rugs

It is not completely unheard of for a homeowner to be extra cautious and buy quite a bit of extra carpet. Turn the extra piece into a rug on your hard flooring surfaces. There are rug places that can bind the edges for you.

For care of the carpet that was installed on your floor, make an appointment with All Kleen. We have thirty plus years in the carpet cleaning business and a satisfaction guarantee.