Why Do I Have Crunchy or Stiff Carpet After a Cleaning?

Every once in a while we are contacted by a customer who has just had their carpets cleaned by another company or has rented a machine and deep cleaned their carpets on their own concerned or upset that the carpet feels stiff, overly dry, brittle, and/or seems to crunch when it is walked on. There are a few reasons why this happens.  

Why Do I Have Crunchy or Stiff Carpet After a Cleaning?

Improper Cleaning  Why Do I Have Crunchy or Stiff Carpet After a Cleaning?

If a carpet is cleaned too quickly or too much soap is used it can leave behind a soap residue that hangs out on the fibers and creates the dry, crunchy, stiff feeling. If you are renting a machine it is not uncommon to run it over the carpet too quickly and not fully extract the cleaning solution back out of the deepest areas of the carpet. Likewise, if a cleaning company has not properly trained their employee to do a thorough job they can attempt to clean the carpet as quickly as possible so they can move on to the next customer.  It is very easy to make the mistake of using too much soap or going too quickly when cleaning on your own, or hiring a company that has little training or guarantee of their work.  

Wrong Cleaning Products 

Successful carpet cleaning is a science, and much of that science is chemistry. Some cleaning solutions are not safe to use on all carpet materials, it’s a matter of chemical reactions. It is important to hire an experienced and knowledgeable cleaning technician as they will know what cleaning products will be best for your particular type of carpet, and also how to treat any stains you may need help with.   

Another issue could be that your carpet is not suitable to be cleaned with water-based products and requires a different cleaning method. Certain types of carpeting are not best suited for deep cleaning with significant amounts of water like natural fiber carpets, especially wool.  

Hard Water Issues 

When using a rented machine some people use their tap water to mix the cleaning solution with. If you have hard water with high mineral content this can cause stiff carpet fibers. To get your carpet soft and pliable again you want to vacuum the floor often to dislodge the minerals.  

Bringing Stiff Carpet Back to Soft and Normal 

Crunchy and stiff carpet is a dirt magnet and in no time your carpet can look worse than it did before it was clean. The best way to ensure your carpet gets back to its fresh and soft normal state is to have it cleaned by a reliable professional cleaner. It is a bummer to have to get it cleaned again, but it truly is the only way to guarantee it will be fixed.  

When you hire All Kleen to clean your carpets you can feel comfortable that a highly trained and reputable technician will be giving your carpets the best care possible. We are open and honest about all of our products, procedures, and training methods upfront. Ask us any question you want before you hire us, we will have no problem answering it for you. We also have a satisfaction guarantee that we put in writing.  

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