Daily Tricks for a Tidy Home

Life is busy and instead of spending endless hours cleaning our homes we would much rather be using our free hours enjoying life with fun activities. Here are some things the busiest people do on a daily basis to keep their homes looking spotless around the clock with minimal effort and time.

1.Remove Shoes at the DoorDaily Tricks for a Tidy Home

The best way to keep dirt outside from getting inside is to wipe your feet on both an outdoor and indoor mat and remove your shoes after walking in the door. Most of the dirt in carpets and on floors comes from the soles of shoes. Keep your floors their cleanest by implementing a no shoe policy. *Don’t forget about frequent vacuuming and regular deep carpet cleanings.

2.Make the Beds

As soon as you get out of the bed make it. If the rest of the room isn’t perfectly tidy a made bed will still help the room feel clean and kept up after all the bed is one of the main focal points in a bedroom.

3.Clean the Shower

As soon as you are done with your daily bathing ritual take a quick 30 seconds to wipe down the walls of the shower. Many a Pinterest user has found it helpful to load a dish scrub sponge with compartment for soap in the handle with a homemade cleaning solution. Keep shower doors clean and free of soap scum with a daily squeegee routine. * It also makes cleaning tile easier when you hire a pro to deep clean tile on a regular basis.

  1. Wipe Down the Bathroom Sink

Daily Tricks for a Tidy HomeThe bathroom sink sees a lot of use over the day. Take a few minutes to wipe down the sink daily to eliminate the need for tough scrubbing later. You can even use a baby wipe stored underneath the sink.

  1. Wipe Down the Kitchen

After cooking dinner or every night just before turning in for bed wipe down the counters and appliances in the kitchen. A homemade solution of one part vinegar, three parts water, and a tablespoon of almond oil dish soap works wonders to cut grease and shine stainless steel finishes.

6.Clean as You Go

While you are cooking dinner clean as you go. Put ingredients back in the cupboard when finished with them. Wipe countertops while waiting for something to simmer. Wash dishes while food cooks in the oven. This way all you have to do is put dishes into the dishwasher after eating instead of dreading a big clean up.

7.Sweep/Vacuum/Dust Mop/Swiffer

Before bed take a few minutes to do a quick floor clean. Run a Swiffer broom or dust mop over hard surfaces and vacuum over carpets and rugs.

  1. Nightly Family Tidy

Every night get the whole family involved in going around the home and putting things back in their place. With everyone working as a team the process goes much quicker. An added bonus to this is waking up with a spring in your step to a tidy home.

  1. Put Clothes Away

Many of us have that lounge chair in our master bedroom that collects a pile of clothes through the week. Instead of letting the pile grow and grow until it is a big task put clothes away before climbing into bed and fold pajamas and stick away when when getting dressed for the day.

10.Open the Doors

Get some fresh air circulating by opening up doors and windows for just a few minutes every day even if it’s cold outside. Who doesn’t like fresh air in the home?

11.Close the Doors

If you have less than tidy kids or a husband with an unorganized office chances are there are cluttered rooms in your home. Keep common spaces tidy and simply shut inside doors to messy rooms. Out of sight out mind( at least until family tidy up time).

For more cleaning tips and tricks check out the rest of our blog and our home remedies page.

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