If you have noticed your carpet turning black or gray along the walls or doors you may have a problem called filtration spoiling. You might have tried to remove these black or gray stains with vigorous vacuuming and spot treatments to find they just won’t go away or if you get the stains to fade they keep reappearing. Here is some information on filtration soiling and how toget rid of it.

Causes of Filtration Soiling

Filtration soiling happens when the air coming into the room through the heating and cooling systems in your home is at a higher rate than the air leaving the room. When this happens the air seeks an alternate way to escape through the bottom of closed doors or the gap between the carpet and baseboard of the wall.  When air leaves through the bottom of the walls and under the doors the carpet acts like a filter collecting all the pollutants in the air. The buildup of these pollutants causes a noticeable gray or black line along your walls and doors.

Carpet filtration soiling is not a result of poor housekeeping or lack of vacuuming. It is a common occurrence in many homes and should not cause you to feel guilty or embarrassed.

How to Get Rid of Filtration Soiling

Now that you know what is causing those black or gray lines around the border of the room you are probably wondering how to get rid of them. Filtration soiling is actually very difficult to remove and the best way to get rid of it is to call in the pros. The reason to call in a professional carpet cleaner for this particular matter is the pollutants from the air are very fine and minute and this causes them to easily embed deep into the carpet fiber making them nearly impossible to get out. A trained carpet cleaning professional will use a hot water extraction or steam cleaning system to remove the stains. In some cases where the stains have been in the carpet for a long time it may be impossible to completely remove.

How to Prevent Carpet Filtration Soiling

If carpet filtration soiling is not a result of poor housekeeping than how does someone keep it from happening? Start with the source of the air, the HVAC system. Clean out the air ducts in your home on a regular basis. Many pollutants in the air of your home are picked up when air is forced through dirty ducts. Filters should also be changed according to the manufacturer’s suggestions on the filter. Filters are the first line of defense at trapping air pollutants in your HVAC system. Another way to help the problem is seal the areas the air seeks to escape. Use an expandable foam sealant under your baseboards, leave interiors doors open if possible, and get new exterior doors or use a blanket to stop the draft under the door.

If you have unsightly dark lines around the borders of your carpet give All Kleen a call and we will use and eco-friendly cleaning process to get your carpets looking fresh and new.

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