Next to flooring, the upholstery in home stands up to a lot of use and wear by your family and house guests. Unfortunately many people don’t think of regular cleaning of upholstery as necessary. Many people never think about cleaning their upholstered furniture until something spills on it.

Did you know that there is a special way to clean upholstered furniture dependent upon the fabric that your furniture is covered in?  In fact there is a special code printed on the tag in most upholstered furniture for this very reason to help the owner know exactly what kind of cleaning products are best to use. So the next time you have a spill or accident  be sure to look for the tag which is usually located on a cushion seem to find out what products you should and shouldn’t be using.

Sometimes the coding on these tags can be a bit cryptic but they are pretty basic and very important. Here are some common upholstery cleaning codes and what they mean:

W: This means that the upholstery on your furniture is best cleaned with a water-based detergent or cleaner to keep the life of your fabric.

S; This means that a water free gentle cleaning solvent should be used such as a foaming cleanser.

WS or SW: This means your upholstery can be cleaned with both water based and water free cleaning solutions. Upholstery with this cleaning code is the easiest to clean and is great for standing up to families with young children and pets. However be careful when using tap water as the minerals in the water can leave spots or rings.

X: This means that furniture should never be cleaned by anyone other than a professional. Usually you will only find this coding on very expensive pieces of furniture with alternative and rare fabrics. Of course this kind of furniture is best for those without children or pets or placed in rooms dedicated to special use.

There are some stains that will be tough to remove on your own and in these cases it is best to call in a trained professional cleaner. Your furniture should also be professionally deep cleanedat least once a year to ensure it will continue to look and perform to its full potential for years to come.

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