Tips for Designing an Easy-Clean Home

When remodeling or building a new home, many of us get excited about the finished items that do most of the work to make a home look beautiful. The items that bring our personal style preferences into our homes and turn it into something we love. The choices you make in those finished products will impact the amount of time you need to take to clean and care for your home so it continues to look beautiful.

I think we can all agree that several of us would love to spend a little time possible cleaning and more time enjoying our homes. With the right finishes, you can do just that. Here are some ways to design an easy clean home.

FlooringTips for Designing an Easy-Clean Home

The floors in your home take up the most surface space and hold the most dirt, as such a lot of attention should be given to the type or types of flooring you choose. One of the easiest clean floors is stained and properly sealed concrete as all of the pores are sealed shut and it creates an easy smooth surface to sweep and mop. While hard surface floors are easier to get completely clean, they do require more frequent attention. This is something to think about. This attention is not hugely time-consuming but does require daily time. Hard surface floors should be dust mopped or swept daily especially if you have pets that shed.

Carpet: when people think about carpet they think about dirt being trapped in and hanging out there. While this is true, it can actually be beneficial if you give carpet the right care. Carpet can work as a giant air filter in the home. There are also countless different types of carpet and many of today’s carpets are surprisingly low maintenance. Carpet tiles are perhaps the easiest to care for and many of them come with softer pile making them feel more like regular carpet then they first did. If something spills on a carpet tile it is super easy to spot clean because you can pick it up off the floor and wash it in the sink. If it is permanently damaged it can easily be replaced.


A home should always, always, always be painted in a paint with a scrubable finish. Even if there are no kids living in the home, walls get touched and collect dust and dirt. Every home is going to benefit from walls that can be washed. So chip in the few extra dollars to purchase the eggshell enamel or another wipeable finish to be able to clean the walls without having to repaint.

Reconsider the wallpaper. Though high-end wallpapers are coming back around and are on-trend, they are still finicky when it comes to cleaning and caring for them. If you really want to stick a wallpaper accent somewhere maybe consider a vinyl option that can be cleaned more easily or think about doing a faux wallpaper paint treatment.


The furniture you choose is important for ease of cleaning. Different fabrics require different care. Some upholstery is very easy to clean and to apply stain guard to, while others will need to be sent out for special cleaning. If you want to keep your home easy to clean don’t opt for the silk furniture. Stick with newer fabrics that offer easy cleaning care.


When it comes to the overall floorplan there are some things you can also do to help make cleaning easier. For instance the placement of the laundry room. Keep the laundry room fairly central to all of the bedrooms so that you don’t have to carry large loads of laundry across the entire house. Laundry chutes are nice too.

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