Does DIY Carpet Cleaning Save Money

Having a professional carpet cleaner deep clean the carpets in your home can seem like a large expense especially if it is your first time hiring a carpet cleaner. Some people who are frugally minded will try and take on the task of deep cleaning their carpet on their own to save some money. Saving money is always a smart choice, but is it the best choice for your carpet and will it truly save you money in the long run?

Does DIY Carpet Cleaning Save Money

There are some things to consider before going down to the store to rent that cleaning machine or purchasing an in home carpet cleaner.  

  • Rented and personal home carpet machines are not as powerful as truck mounted professional equipment and because of this they will not get as much dirt out of your carpet. You will need to do this type of cleaning more often.
  • Carpet cleaning machines made to use by DIY-ers do not get the water hot enough to truly activate the cleaning solution and really sanitize the carpet the way it should be.
  • Deep cleaning a carpet takes quite a bit of training and know how to do it properly or you risk damaging your carpet to the point of needing to rip it out and replace it, a very costly unwanted side effect. A trained professional carpet cleaning technician is taught how to properly deep clean a carpet with the right chemicals and without using too much soap and water. Too much cleaner and water can cause a significant amount of damage leading to mold and ruined carpet. A common mistake that occurs in many DIY carpet cleanings is too much moisture. The faster the carpet gets dry again the better.
  • Deep cleaning carpets takes a lot of time and physical labor, these are not horrible things for those that don’t mind some good hard work, but certainly an added benefit of hiring someone because the old cliché- “ time is money” is cliché for a reason. Your time is valuable and could be used doing many other important things instead of cleaning the carpets with subpar equipment more often than needed.

Attempting to deep clean the carpet on your own will not give you the cleanest carpet possible and has potential to bring damage to the carpet. If everything does go well more effort will need to be put in to keep carpets clean and more cleaning solution will need to be purchased. The answer to the question, “ Does DIY carpet cleaning save money?,” is no. Over time you will want to hire a trained professional cleaner to get the results you are looking for, and need, to keep your carpet in top shape.

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