DIY Mishap – How to Clean Up Paint on the Carpet

Now that Do-It-Yourself projects are more and more popular by the day, it is not uncommon for a home owner to spill a project supply or two on the floor. The one that really puts DIYers in a frenzy is spilled paint on the carpet. It is natural to panic when you see paint on the carpet, you automatically think it could possibly be stuck there forever.

Have no fear we have some paint removal spot treatments for a few different paint spill scenarios.DIY Mishap - How to Clean Up Paint on the Carpet

Fresh ChalkBoard Paint

Chalk boards used to be a thing of the past only found in classrooms, but they have made a comeback and are now trendy especially in rustic decor. With the invention of chalk board paint you can now turn any surface into a chalk board. If you accidentally drip some of the black wonder paint on the carpet the best thing to do is get to it while it is still wet. Get some white vinegar and blot the stain from the outside working in. Use a clean area of cloth to blot until all the stain is removed.

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Dried Paint

If you don’t notice a paint stain until it has dried it isn’t too late. Try this paint removal treatment:


  • WD-40
  • Razor blade or knife
  • Pair of gloves
  • Hand dishwashing soap
  • Clean white cloths or plain white paper towels
  • Hard bristle brush


  1. Start by removing as much of the dried paint as possible by gently scraping with a razor blade or knife.
  2. Test WD-40 in an unseen area of carpet to ensure it does not damage your floor or pull out the color.
  3. Apply the WD-40 to the remaining paint by working it into the carpet with a clean cloth. Let it work on softening the paint for about 20 minutes.
  4. Next gently scrub in one direction to lift the paint from the carpet completely.
  5. The WD-40 will probably have left what looks like a greasy spot behind, clean the area with the hand dish soap and some warm water.
  6. Follow the dish soap with plain water to rinse the soap from the carpet.
  7. Place a dry towel on the area to soak up excess water.

Latex Paint

Dried Latex paint on a carpet may actually be easier to remove. This may sound odd but start with wetting the dried latex paint with hot water to help soften it. Take a new cloth dampened with hot water and let it rest on top of the stain for about 15 to 20 minutes. After the hot water has been sitting a while, Blot with a new cloth with fresh hot water and continue to gently blot until the stain has lifted. Make sure the water stays hot, but not too hot, you may have to reheat the water during the process.

Water-Based Paint

If the paint is already dry start the same way as above, gently scraping as much dry bits of paint from the fibers as possible. If it is wet start by blotting up as much paint as possible. Once you have removed as much paint as you can follow up with dish washing soap and hot water then follow with rinsing and drying.

Don’t let a DIY mishap stop you from creating and learning new things. If you have tried all the above spot treatments and still have paint on your floor give a professional carpet cleaner a call.