Do Eco-Friendly Solutions Really Clean the Carpet?

Your carpet sees a lot of wear and tear just from the daily traffic and everyday life of your family. With this everyday life and traffic comes ground in dirt and probably a stain or two. After time that dirt builds up to being visible to the naked eye or a change in the color of your carpet you may not have noticed. This would lead a homeowner to call in the pros or try and deep clean the carpet on their own. Another natural thought is that for this large amount of tough ground in dirt you will need a tough chemical cleaning solution to break it all down and carry it away. There are many professional carpet cleaners who have switched from using these harsh chemicals to ones that are safer on the environment but do they actually break down that tough dirt as well as harsh chemicals?

There are a number of ways to get a carpet clean with eco-friendly or “green” solutions. The truth is that there has been so much research and new studies of how to clean with more earth friendly solutions that there are in fact many great eco-friendly cleaning products for both commercial and everyday home use that will not only get your carpet clean but work much better than the harsh chemicals once thought to be needed to break down tough dirt and stains.

If you do decide to hire a professional cleaner who claims to use green cleaning solutions be sure to ask them about the solutions that they use. Your carpet cleaner should be able to answer any questions you may have about the solutions they use to clean your home. If a cleaning company is unable to provide you with answers or names of their products this should be a giant red flag to you as a customer.

All Kleen is a family owned and operated company with a team of expertly trained professional carpet cleaning technicians ready to be up front and open about their entire process. For more information on All Kleen’s solutions check out our product safety information page here.

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