Do Routine Cleanings Help Allergy Sufferers?

The seasons are changing and so is the weather with that comes a new wave of allergens in the air as spring approaches. If you or someone in your family suffers from seasonal allergies you well know that allergy symptoms can slow you down both indoors and outdoors. Allergens can get carried in on clothing and the soles of shoes when residents or guests in the home carry them in from outside.

Allergens can easily get trapped in the soft surfaces of your home including the carpet and upholstery, places where you hang out quite often. There are a number of irritants that cause allergies both seasonal and other that can get trapped in the soft fiber surfaces in your home and hang out there causing sensitive immune systems to go haywire and make a person miserable.

One of your best defenses against allergens lurking in the soft surfaces of your home is professional deep cleaning of both your upholstery and carpets. To keep your carpets and furniture at their best it is advised to have your soft surfaces cleaned on a routine basis. For most homes a yearly cleaning is recommended but if you have an allergy sufferer who is very sensitive a more frequent cleaning is recommended.

To keep those allergens at a minimum between routine cleanings it is best to have a no shoes policy inside the home and be sure to properly vacuum at couple of times a week. This will drastically reduce the amount of allergens carried in from outside and prevent as many allergens from settling into soft surfaces as possible.

All Kleen uses environmentally friendly green cleaning solutions and steam cleaning equipment to not only clean your carpet and upholstery but also sanitize your home giving it the best possible clean to keep your home a place of comfort and respite for allergy sufferers.

For an allergen free home in the North Seattle or Snohomish County area give All Kleen a call..