Does Carpet Cleaning Leave Floors Vulnerable to Dirt

One of the most frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning is “Will it cause my carpets to become dirty faster?” This question cannot be answered with a straight yes or no there are different scenarios that factor into the life and care of your carpet.

The type of carpet in your home plays a huge role on how it should be cared for. With quickly advancing modern science and technology there are many different styles and types of carpets available to consumers today. Nearly every carpet sold in the last decade or so comes with a stain treatment or protection. This treatment is not however going to last the lifetime of your carpet and will break down over time unless you have a high quality stain master carpet. As the stain guard wears down you will notice that your carpet is more vulnerable to stains and daily dirt. Many professional carpet cleaners can apply a new coat of stain remover to your carpets to reduce the amount of soil on your carpet from a worn out stain guard. It is optimal to get the coating reapplied every time your have your carpet professionally cleaned. If you have a stain master carpet it is key to inform your carpet cleaner so they do not use harsh chemicals that could ruin the stain coating.

Don’t just hire any cleaner. When you are ready to have your carpets professionally cleaned don’t just look for any cleaner claiming to have shampooing tools and the cheapest price. Not all carpet cleaners are created equal it takes proper training and knowledge to clean a carpet. Believe it or not but there are scammers even in the world of carpet cleaning. To properly deep clean a carpet you need the right equipment and an experienced cleaner that knows how correctly use that equipment. A cleaner that is untrained will no doubt leave behind cleaning solution in your carpet when the solution is not full extracted from the carpet fibers it will attract dirt and cause the carpet dirty faster.

Carpet does not stay new forever. Just like most of the products you purchase carpet gets older and more worn with time. We can all agree that a couch purchased yesterday is going to be in better condition than one that has been in the family room for 10 years. Likewise your does not run as efficiently at 100,000 miles as it did at say 100. As things get used they wear down carpets are no exception to this rule truth is carpet cleaning can prolong the life of your carpet and slow that aging process down. It is like scheduled routine maintenance for your floor. A car will regular tune-ups is going to run longer than one pushed to its limits before its serviced.

So maybe there is a definite answer to whether carpet cleaning causes your floors to become dirty faster. The answer is no with correct proper deep carpet cleaning tailored to your type of carpet your carpet will stay clean and new looking much longer. For a deep and safe green carpet cleaning give All Kleen a call.

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