Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Cleaning

It is time for your carpets to be professional cleaned, but who do you choose? Which company uses the best cleaning method? 


There are a few different methods that professional carpet cleaners use to deep clean carpets. When you are searching for a professional carpet cleaning company to come and deep clean your carpets, you may see wording like “we use a dry cleaning method” or “we use truck mounted steam cleaning” or you may even come across “we use a hot water extraction cleaning method.”  

So which one of these methods is the best and safest way to get your carpets truly deep cleaned and sanitized? If you are not familiar with the different methods of a professional cleaning it can have you questioning which one to choose. Let’s take a look at the two most common types of carpet cleaning Steam Cleaning and Dry Cleaning.  

Dry Carpet Cleaning Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning, also sometimes referred to as chemical carpet cleaning, uses cleaning solutions called “dry” shampoos to clean your carpet with much less drying time. While the name of the method itself and the name for the cleaning solutions may lead one to believe no water is used at all, a minimal amount of water is still needed in order to rinse the carpets. Drying time is much less with a dry carpet cleaning method making it a popular choice, however, the cleaners are not applied to the deepest layer of the carpet as with other cleaning methods. This sometimes results in deeply embedded stains and dirt not being cleaned from the carpets as well as a larger amount of solution or “chemical” residue left behind on the topmost parts of the carpet fibers.  

Steam Cleaning  

Steam cleaning uses high powered truck-mounted equipment to spray detergent and hot water into the carpet. A high-powered commercial wet vac is then used to suck up almost all of the water and cleaning solution back out of the carpet. Steam cleaning is not a completely chemical-free process as some have come to believe which has led some to choose steam cleaning over dry cleaning methods. Steam alone will not clean your carpets, but it is needed to activate the cleaning solution. The result of steam cleaning is a truly deep cleaned surface to the deepest areas of the carpet, but it will require longer drying time.  

Many times customers will choose steam cleaning because they want a chemical-free cleaning process. The only true way to clean a floor completely free of chemicals is with a vacuum, as even water is a chemical compound. What many people are truly looking for here is for their carpets to be cleaned safely without harm to the health of the animals or people who live in the home. The answer to this is to find a professional carpet cleaner that is upfront and honest about the cleaning solutions they use as some cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly and much safer to use than others.  

So, what carpet cleaning method should you choose? Which is best, steam cleaning or dry cleaning? The answer really lies in what you prefer for your home and the level of service the cleaner you hire provides to you.  

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