Easy Cleaning Routines for Early Birds and Night Owls Part 1

Some people love getting up bright and early, jumping out of bed, and getting started with their day. Other people prefer to take a slower start and enjoy much more being up at night. Whether you belong to the first group of people or the second, there is a way to stay on top of household cleaning tasks even on the busy weekdays. Here are some expert tips from cleaning pros to work those daily chores into the natural rhythm or your life, no matter when you prefer to be awake.Easy Cleaning Routines for Early Birds and Night Owls  

The Ultimate Cleaning Routine for Early Risers/ Morning People 

Take advantage of your favorite and most productive time of day and integrate these quick cleaning tasks into your get-ready-for-the-day routine.  

  1. Make the Bed: Start with making your bed right when you get out of it. This will only take a few minutes and it is scientifically proven to help you start your day with a sense of accomplishment, not to mention the bedroom will look 20 times cleaner when the bed is made. 
  2. Wipe Down the Shower: Prevent having to scrub the shower with all the elbow grease you can muster, by wiping down the shower every morning when you are done taking one. A daily quick shower clean with a microfiber cloth or squeegee will keep the shower looking great and in need of a deep clean much less often.  
  3. Put Away Your Clothes: Often we try on several different outfits before deciding on the right one, or we just leave our clothes on the floor at night when we put on our pajamas. Take a few minutes to hang or fold clean clothes and put them away and drop dirty clothes in the hamper.  
  4. Empty the Dishwasher: Turn on the dishwasher to wash the dishes before you head to bed. Then when you wake up, unload it and reload it with the dirty breakfast dishes.  
  5. Return Everything to its Place: At night use a basket, or several ( one for each room) and go around the house picking up everything that is not where it belongs. In the morning when you have the most energy put all the items back where they belong.  
  6. Fold the Laundry; It’s a task nobody likes to do, so why not do it when you are the most motivated? Take a few minutes to grab the load out of the dryer, fold it, and put it away.  

Where is that Smell Coming From?

Before Bed 

Though right before bed you want to do nothing but get into bed, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for a great morning.  

  1. Load the Dishwasher and Run It 
  2. Wipe Down the Kitchen Counter: Make it easier to give the kitchen a quick tidy up in the morning.  
  3. Start a Load of Laundry: do a quick load of laundry every night (just one) and then transfer to the dryer so it is ready to be folded and put away in the morning. This way you will be mostly on top of your laundry depending on how big your household is.  


If you are a night owl and prefer to be up late as opposed to up early and getting things done, check out part two of this article in our blog.  


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