Easy Cleaning Routines for Early Birds and Night Owls Part 2

Very few people enjoy taking extra time from their already busy schedule to clean their homes. Most of us can agree there are plenty of other things we can think of that would be more fun to do. No matter whether we love to clean or hate to clean it is important and we can’t ignore getting stuff done to take care of our homes (at least not for long). For those of us that don’t enjoy cleaning, we suggest that you fit it into your schedule during the most productive and motivated hours of your daily routine. For some of us, that is the morning, and for others, it is at night before bedtime.  Read along in Part 2 of our Easy Cleaning Routines for Early Birds and Night Owls to find some daily cleaning tips from experts for night owls.  

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The Ultimate Cleaning Routine for Night Owls/ Late Sleepers 

In the Morning 

 We know it’s not your favorite time of day, you probably even dread it. But setting up just a few things in the morning to make everyday cleaning when you get home a little more pleasant will be worth it.  

  1. Make the Bed: as soon as you wake up, no matter if you love the morning or hate it, get up and make the bed, it will help you to get going and give you a sense of accomplishment right off the bat which will help put a pep in your morning step.  
  2. Get Breakfast Dishes in the Dishwasher: it is just best to get in the habit of putting dishes straight in the dishwasher after they are used, this way dishes rarely pile up.  
  3. Switch Over the Laundry: At night do a load of laundry real quick before you go to bed and then switch it to the dryer in the morning so it is ready for folding when you get home.  

Before Bed Easy Cleaning Routines for Early Birds and Night Owls

If your best hours are just before bedtime, don’t waste them on just lounging and watching tv. Take a small chunk of that time to get some chores done and cut down on what needs to be done on the weekend. If you are doing chores in the quiet of your home after everyone is in bed you can focus on some quiet activities like the following.  

  1. Laundry: this is an awesome job for night owls, its quiet and you can get it done while watching tv.  
  2. Sorting Mail: Getting rid of piles of junk mail and putting bills in a place ready to be paid is another quiet activity that can be done while sitting in front of the tv.  
  3. Sweep and Mop Hard Surface Floors: a great time to clean the floors is when there are no other feet trapesing around to get them dirty as soon as you are finished.  
  4. Hand Wash the Dishes and Clean up the Kitchen: the kitchen is a constant hub of busy in your home, especially if you have kids of any age. How amazing would it be to clean the kitchen with nobody around?  

Bonus Tip for Both Early Risers and Night Owls 

If you want to try and get all of your cleaning done during the week to avoid having to clean on the weekends ( so you can just have fun and enjoy your time off) make a cleaning schedule and divide major cleaning tasks up by days. For example: Start with Monday and make it kitchen cleaning day, Tuesday can be family room day, Wednesday bathroom(s), etc. If you want to be super organized about your cleaning schedule and technique you can even plan so your Monday job(s) starts at one end of the house and work your way through the home as each day progresses, and by Friday you will have worked your way from one end of the house to the other.   

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