Easy Steps to Organizing a Tiny Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of the home. Now that tiny homes and smaller apartments are becoming more popular more people are looking for ways to keep a tiny kitchen organized. It can be hard when you use the kitchen so often to keep it functioning and clutter free in a small amount of space. Here are some tips to keeping that tiny kitchen looking fantastic.

1. Start with Pulling Everything OutEasy Steps to Organizing a Tiny Kitchen

Turn your kitchen into a clean slate. Empty everything out so that it is easier to put stuff in. It is also the easiest way to make unbiased/unemotional choices as to what stays. A blank canvas gives creative freedom.

When you are pulling items out place them into categories. For example put all the coffee cups on the right end of the table.

2. Sort Into Categories

Make three boxes: one that says keep, one that says toss, one that says donate. Now that all your items are categorized this second step should go very quickly, you can easily pick out the duplicates and/or broken items and place them in the correct box.

Of course, you will place broken items in the toss box. Items that still work but are duplicates or never/rarely get used should go in the donate box. Then items that are used frequently and are in great/good condition will go to the keep box.

Try to be realistic about those items still in great condition, but never see any use. Don’t become attached, think strictly business and how often you truly use it, not how much you love it.

3. Place the Most Used Items in Reach

That cabinet over your fridge, it’s a great place for items that get used seasonally or just not as often. For example; a springform cheesecake pan. The cabinets right over the counter are great for dishes. The drawer that seems to be most accessible is great for silverware.

4. Organizers are Great Tools

There are so many great organizing products, some people who love to organize totally geek out over a number of handy items available to keep all your stuff in the right place. It is great for getting your small kitchen space maximized to its fullest potential.

Risers in cabinets will give you twice as much storage space. Or hang decorative hooks and use empty wall space for pots and pans that can double as kitchen decor.

5. Have Regular Professional Cleaning

Now that there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place, call in a professional tile and stone cleaner to get your kitchen surfaces looking fantastically like new again. Have them seal surfaces to help keep stains at bay and remember to keep up on professional cleaning on a regular basis.

The more organized and clean your small kitchen is the better it will function and the less you will notice it is a small kitchen.

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