Easy Tricks to Keep the Bathroom Smelling Fresh

We all know that the bathroom can house some pretty funky smells from leftover bathroom trips to just a little musty funk post-shower when someone forgets to run the fan. There are some ways to keep your bathroom smelling fresh between cleanings. Read on to discover some easy tricks to keep your bathroom(s) smelling fresh. Easy Tricks to Keep the Bathroom Smelling Fresh

Freshen the Air Every Time Someone Uses the Bathroom 

Put a couple of drops of essential oil on the inside of the cardboard holder of a fresh roll of toilet paper before placing it on the toilet paper holder. Each time someone uses the toilet paper the scent will be released into the air. 

Make Your Own Toilet Bombs  

Use your favorite essential oils in combination with baking soda, water, and citric acid to make a toilet bomb. The baking soda absorbs odors while the citric acid helps to kill germs all while the essential oils add a nice fragrance to a very smelly place. 

Mix Up a Bottle of Poo-Pourri 

Poo-Pourri is a magical thing that you spray in the toilet before you take a poo. It helps to eliminate the yucky odor that fills the bathroom after a number two. You can purchase this spray or make your own with some dish soap, rubbing alcohol, essential oil, and water.  

Freshen Your Toilet Brush 

Your toilet brush harbors many old germs and as a result a few funky smells. Keep your toilet brush fresh by filling the brush holder with your favorite cleanser and let it soak between uses. 

Eliminate Sneaky Odors in Toilet Seat Fittings 

The fittings that hold the toilet seat onto the bowl can get pretty gunked up and very stinky. Not many people think to clean the fittings, but every few months you should remove the toilet seat and get them all cleaned up because they get pretty gross. You will be surprised at the sneaky odors in there. 

Use a Deodorizer in Your Trash Can 

Every trash can harbors odors, keep your cans much fresher with homemade trash can tabs. All you need is 2 cups of baking soda, 6-8 tablespoons of water, and some essential oils. Mix the baking soda and essential oil and slowly add the water until it feels like wet sand and holds its shape when packed like a snowball. Spoon the mixture into a silicone mold(ice tray), pack firmly, and let dry for at least a day. Store them in an airtight container and drop one or two in the bottom of the trash as needed to absorb odors and release the scent of essential oil.  

Mix Up a Natural Air Spray 

Pour some purified water, witch hazel, and a few drops of essential oil in a spray bottle to make your own air freshener. Not only is it safer to use than the ones full of chemicals, you can customize the scent!  

Get the Stink Out of Wet Towels 

Smelly towels hanging in a laundry bin can definitely add a musty funk to a bathroom.  Get towels their freshest clean by using vinegar and baking soda in the wash; an added bonus is it will freshen your washing machine too! 

Get the Floor Around the Toilet Fresh 

If you have boys in your home you may have experienced the notsofresh floor around the base of the toilet. If you have a tile or laminate floor in the bathroom some people say a steam mop is the way to go to keep this area fresh and sanitized.  

Give it a Deep Cleaned Foundation 

The ultimate best way to keep your bathroom fresh is to deeply sanitize the surfaces. A professional deep clean of tile, grout, and/or natural stone surfaces will go a long way to clean and prevent odor and musty smells.  

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