An Expert’s Advice on Rug Care

A little rug care advice from an expert ,the writer of Rug Chick blog, who grew up with two parents in the rug business on how to care for those costly and gorgeous area rugs.

How to Tell the Quality of A RugThoroughly Spring Clean that Living Room

A hand woven wool rug is the highest quality you can get it will last centuries of cared for properly. If the design on the front of the rug is the same as the design on the back that is a good quality hand woven wool rug. Karastan makes some high quality machine woven rugs. Try to stay away from rugs with a backing those tend to be more cheaply made with glue and will not last as long.


If you have a rug on top of a hard surface such as wood or tile a vacuum can be too aggressive. The best way to stay on top of routine care is with a carpet sweeper. If you use a vacuum make sure it is a canister type with the beater bar set high. Vacuum from side to side not end to end to avoid catching the fringe. Once a year take the rug outside and vacuum the back then flip it over and vacuum the front again.

Common Mistakes

Putting plants on rugs. Years later after the plant has been sitting you go to move the rug and a circle drops out because moisture has seeped in with no circulation.


Rugs should be cleaned every two to three year. Over time dust settles in the fiber and begins to saw at the fabric. Even though the rug may not look dirty to the naked eye you will be surprised how it changes color after a cleaning.

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