If a carpet cleaning company has all of the right industrial truck mounted equipment you would believe that they are well-equipped and perfectly capable of cleaning your carpets. Unfortunately this is not always the case, just because a company looks great and has the right tools does not mean that they will properly clean your floors once they are in your home.Fact or Fiction: All You Need is the Right Carpet Cleaning Equipment

A good carpet cleaning company will show up at your appointment and first assess the state of your carpets. Once the trained technician has looked at your carpets and seen the situation they can then form a cleaning plan to get your floors in their best condition. There are many different factors that go into deciding what plan they will use to clean your floors. First a look at the overall condition of the carpet including:soiling, pet stains or hair, drink spills, rips, holes, tears, and other repairs that may need to be made. Next they will take into consideration the color of the carpet, how much carpet needs to be cleaned, the type and style, and age of carpet.

Once the technician has seen the condition of the carpet they will then determine what they want to use to clean your carpet by putting together a plan of what type of cleaning is needed including pre-treatment process, stain treatments, any solutions needed for pet urine or other odors, and what cleaning solution is needed.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner that uses industrial truck mounted equipment is important, but equipment is not all a cleaner needs to be efficient and get the job done well. Anybody can get a hold of an industrial cleaning unit and still not perform a good cleaning on your floors. The key to a correct carpet cleaning is the training of the technician. A carpet cleaner must not only know how to use the equipment but know different types of carpet and the cleaning methods that work best for that type of carpet as well as the type of soiling on the carpet.

All Kleen carpet cleaning has been in the professional carpet business for over 30 years. We are a family owned business that is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction, because of this train our cleaning pros to do the best possible job on your home. If you are not satisfied with our cleaning services we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Make an appointment today for fast and friendly carpet care.

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