Finding the Right Carpet Cleaner for Holiday Clean Up

The holidays are coming to an end and when all of the parties are over your home will no doubt need some post party TLC especially your carpets after being walked all over by an influx of party goers. The post- holiday season is a great time to have the floors professionally cleaned and usher in a new year with a tidy home. So how does somebody choose a cleaner they can trust to do a good job of getting their floors back in top shape?

Not all professional carpet cleaners provide a high quality service. In fact there are many carpet cleaners out there who slap the title professional cleaner on the side of a van with very little know how. It is a good idea to know who you are hiring before you invite just anybody into your home that seems to have adequate equipment and the name of a cleaning company painted on their vehicle to clean one of the most expensive fixtures in your home.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a carpet cleaner to come into your home:

Do They Guarantee Their Work?

Not all companies offer a satisfaction guarantee. It is very important to hire a company that advertises and puts in writing that they will come back and clean the carpet again if you are not satisfied or do whatever they can in their power to make things right should there be a mistake made on their part.

Do They Offer a Written Estimate Prior to Cleaning?

A trick of many un-reliable carpet cleaning companies is to give a verbal price quote before the job only to tack on a bunch of hidden fees to the final written bill. Make sure to communicate clearly exactly the cleaning services you are looking for including all rooms, any stains or repairs, tile or grout and sealant or stain guard you would like applied. After communicating clearly exactly the job you are looking to have performed ask to get the price quote in writing and signed before the job is performed.

What Equipment Does the Company Use?

Some ill-fitted companies will show up to your door with subpar equipment ready to clean your floors. If you hire a company only to greet a cleaner at your door ready to go with a machine you could buy from a home goods store or rent from the local grocery store you are going to want to reconsider. A quality cleaner will have the best professional truck mounted equipment to get your carpet as clean as possible.

Are They Insured?

Mistakes happen even to the best of the best. We are all human right? So what safety net does this cleaning company have to take care of the aftermath should an unforeseen incident occur either to your property or in the case of an injured worker in your home.

Be sure you know who you are hiring and your floors will be back in top shape after all the holiday parties.

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