Five Things Hiding in Your Carpet

Some home owners have come to the conclusion that if they keep up on routine maintenance and the carpet looks clean there is no need for have the carpets professionally cleaned. They think is an expense they can save money on because the carpet looks clean. Over time things settle deep down into the carpet and become unnoticeable to the naked eye. Here are five things that get embedded into you carpet you may not realize are there.

Allergens-A large number of Americans suffer from allergies of some kind. If you are lucky enough not to have an allergy problem chances are there may be someone in your home who does. The carpet is a magnet for allergens especially seasonal ones coming in from outdoors on the soles of our shoes. Allergens take up residence in the carpet and instead of being a seasonal issue become a year long issue.Five Things Hiding in Your Carpet

Chemicals-Did you know that even brand new carpet is home to a host of chemicals. Some carpets come out of the factory with a host of harmful chemicals and some thought to be cancer causing like 4-PC which gives that new carpet smell.

Mold- especially in wet climates like here in western Washington. Carpet can be holding mold deep deep down that you may not be aware of until the problem is large and expensive to get rid of with carpet replacement.

Bacteria-the bottom of our shoes come in contact with so many different surfaces during the course of a day and with that comes many various forms of dirt and bacteria. The soles of shoes are thought to be dirtier than the toilet seat in the bathroom. When you walk across the carpet in those shoes you deposit the bacteria into your floors.

Dust Mites-Though the dust mite itself is relatively harmless to humans they produce a large amount of waste for their microscopic bodies and that waste is harmful to humans. The waste of a dust mite can cause serious respiratory problems including wheezing and asthma.

The best way to what is hiding in your carpet out is with routine professional carpet cleaning.All Kleen uses green cleaning solutions and the best in equipment operated by highly trained professionals to keep your carpet truly clean. Make an appointment online today.