Four Most Popular Homemade Pinterest Spot Treatment

Pinterest is a Mecca of information from the latest style trends to what’s new in weddings to hacks to every cleaning tip you can ever imagine. So it’s no surprise that many people use Pinterest to find carpet spot treatment advice. Here we take a look at four of the most popular homemade spot treatment concoctions on Pinterest.  Four Most Popular Homemade Pinterest Spot Treatment

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide and Dish Soap: this popular spot treatment Pinterest recipe calls for one part dawn dish soap and two parts hydrogen peroxide. Most pins say to mix the two ingredients in a spray bottle and apply just like you would any all purpose carpet cleaner. Many bloggers in the blogosphere have put this to the test and found that it works quite well for spot treatments even on cream colored carpets, but it was not tough on super tough stains like sharpie.
  2. Shaving Cream: this spot treatment is pretty much straight forward. Purchase regular shaving cream the cheaper the better. The fancy versions with lotion in them are not what you want. Simply apply the shaving cream to the spot and work it in with your fingers. Let the shaving cream sit for a few minutes and then blot the spot with a clean damp cloth until the shaving cream is all out. Many bloggers swear by this simple trick and even a few professional carpet cleaners say it is a good all-purpose spot cleaning tool.
  3. Club Soda, Vinegar, and Dish Soap: this spot cleaning treatment calls for equal parts of all ingredients mixed together. Apply the mixture to the carpet and gently blot. One blogger who tested several different Pinterest spot cleaners claimed this worked the best.
  4. Ammonia, Hot Water, and an Iron: This method requires equal parts of ammonia and hot water to be mixed and poured into a spray bottle. Spray the spot liberally without soaking it and then grab a clean dry white towel and your iron. Set the iron just hot enough to create a steam effect but not too hot that it ruins the carpet. Simply lay the towel over the sprayed stain and iron. Pick up the towel and lay down a clean area over the stain and iron again. Repeat this process until the stain is gone and no longer leaves soil behind on the towel. Be careful to use this in well-ventilated areas. You will want to open the windows. Ammonia produces a very strong smell and can irritate the respiratory tract.

All of these homemade stain fighting concoctions claim to clean tough carpet stains even ones that you have no idea how they got there and how long they have been there. Truth is that all spot treatment cleaning really is a science and the best defense against a stain is to clean it as soon as it happens. What you use to clean a stain depends on what the stain is caused by. It all boils down to chemical reactions and chemistry and of course time. Different spots  will react better to different cleaners and of course the faster you get to any stain the better the chances are of getting it out of the carpet.

If you have stains that seem impossible to get out no matter what you try, give All Kleen a call. We have been in the business for over thirty years and can help you fight tough stains. Make an appointment online.