Many people avoid having their carpets cleaned professionally because of the cost. There are a number of companies who fail to five an accurate prices quote and end up charging a customer much more than they originally expected to pay with a number of hidden fees that were not included in the original quote. So how can you be sure you are receiving the most fair and accurate price quote especially if you are talking with a cleaner over the phone or online?

The best way to get an accurate estimate over the phone is to be honest and as descriptive as possible about your carpet’s condition. If your carpet is in need of stain removal or repair that requires more attention and care than a standard professional cleaning you will want to communicate this over the phone. If the carpet cleaning company does not suggest you call them to get an accurate quote for these conditions you should be worried. There is no way to assess what care is going to be needed for stains and repairs without talking to a live person. Don’t forget to tell the cleaner about each individual stain or repair; don’t expect them to all be treated for one price. Get an Accurate Quote for your North Seattle Carpet Cleaning

Make sure to pay attention to the details when getting a quote online. If you have a great room where the kitchen, dining room, and living room are connected you may think this is one room and counts as such when putting in the number of rooms you want cleaned when to the cleaner it is in fact three rooms. Read the carpet cleaner’s description of what an area is and calculate accordingly in most cases places like the stairs count as a separate area as well. If there is no description of what classifies as an area you may want to move on to the next website.

Decide if you would like extra services such as deodorizer or stain protectant. These services require the use of extra solutions and will be an added cost to your bill. A reputable carpet cleaner will have a place to add these services online or ask you over thephone if you would like to add these services.

Look for cleaners who advertise a 100% guarantee of satisfaction before you pay for services. Also look for statements like no hidden fees, truck mounted cleaning equipment and we have experienced trained cleaners.

If you accurately describe the condition of your carpet and how many areas you would like clean it is easy to receive an accurate carpet cleaning quote. Remember these prices are just estimates not 100% final agreements on paperwork. For a solid unchangeable price have the carpet technician tell you the cost before he starts his work.

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