It’s Easter time and that means kids dressed in adorable proper little outfits, egg hunts, and baskets full of yummy treats including the famous chocolate Easter bunny. No doubt you will have extra guests in your home this weekend to celebrate. So what do you do if one of the cute little ones leaves their bunny behind on your sofa?  How to Get Chocolate Bunnies Out of the Couch

Removing chocolate stains on upholstered furniture is possible and there are even a few different ways to do so.

Method #1

Needs: plastic spoon, liquid dish soap, small container, water, a couple of clean white cloths, dry cleaning solvent

Step 1- Using the plastic spoon, gently remove any large chunks of chocolate from the upholstery. Use the edge of the spoon to gently scrape if needed.

Step 2- Fill the container with 2 cups of cold water

Step 3- Mix 1 teaspoon of mild liquid dish soap into the water

Step 4- dampen clean white cloth with the dish soap solution. Blot chocolate stain from the outside toward the center. The stain should begin to lighten. Continue to blot until stain is gone.

Step 5- Dampen a new cloth with just water and rinse soap from upholstery. Once soap is removed blot excess moisture from fabric with clean white cloth.

Step 6- if a little bit of chocolate remains try applying dry cleaning solvent.

Method #2

Needs:plenty of clean clothes, water, dish soap, dull scraping tool like a butter knife or spoon, corn meal

Tips: make sure to clean any stain as soon as it is found

Test new cleaning solutions on unseen areas of upholstery first

Never saturate your upholstery with cleaning solution

Always apply a gentle touch never scrub a stain, always blot

If you have tried both methods and the stain remains it is time to call in the upholstery cleaning pros. All Kleen has a team of highly trained cleaning technicians ready to treat the toughest upholstery stains. Make an appointment online today.

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