Get Excited About Spring Cleaning by Making Extra Cash

All though the weather has been cold and it feels like spring is never coming the official first day of spring is actually just around the corner. With spring comes spring cleaning.  The time of year most homeowner’s take to do yearly tasks and to deep clean every nook and cranny of the home. Very few people actually look forward to spring cleaning some of us kind of dread it.

Before you can get to the deep cleaning in your home, it helps to get rid of the clutter. One way to put some pep and motivation in your step to get cleaning done is by turning that clutter in your home into cash. Who know’s it may even be enough to pay for a professional cleaner to do the rest of the work for you.

Here are 12 things most people have laying around their home that could make them a good chunk of change when sold in the right marketGet Excited About Spring Cleaning by Making Extra Cash


Go through all the clothes in the family. Professional home organizers will say if you haven’t worn it in the last few months to get rid of it (if its for the current season of course). Also throw out anything that just feels tired or drab to you. There are so many different avenues to sell your clothes online now. Poshmark allows you to take pictures and post at a price of your choosing. ThredUp will send you a kit to send them the clothes and they do all the listing work and storing of clothes for you. For clothes under $60 they will pay you as soon as they process the item. For items over $60 they pay when it sells.

Gift Cards

It is not uncommon to receive a gift card or two to a store or restaurant or other place of business you don’t normally go to. Sell these cards to a website that buys gift cards like Gift Card Granny. Sometimes you can get as much as 92% of the card’s value in cash.

Sporting Goods

Have some sports equipment that your children have outgrown or the family no longer uses? Well there are websites that sell just sports gear. You can even sell locally through sites like OfferUp or if you are feeling generous you can always donate to a local parks or rec. league to kids in need.


There are many many consignment shops that take all kinds of children’s items including toys. Kids outgrow things very quickly so there are plenty of people looking to get good deals on children’s items. Is an  online place to sell children’s and maternity items if you don’t live close to a consignment store.


Maybe you have some things taking up space that you inherited but just don’t have any attachment to or just do not love. There are many people searching and scouring sites like Ebay for old collectables and antiques. Maybe your old unwanted item is something someone else has been searching for.

Vintage Furniture

Do you still have a hand me down sofa from your parents when you first moved out? Maybe it’s in great condition just no longer your style. Sell your furniture online through a number of different sites like OfferUp, LetGo, Craigslist, or Chairish. Chairish takes unique pieces of furniture from all decades.


Did you know Amazon has a trade in program? You can trade in old books, textbooks, movies, electronics, and music. The program pays in Amazon gift cards. There is also half price books and of course there are always many many avenues to sell used textbooks especially college books.


Maybe you have too many items in your jewelry box that don’t see enough use. There are many companies that buy jewelry as well as some websites that will allow you to list and sell items yourself. Poshmark and are a few.

Designer Purses

This are a very hot item on several sites all over the internet. Many women are looking to purchase gently used designer bags at a fraction of the original price. Some sites will allow you to set all the parameters on their host site, some sites purchase your bag from you to resell, and others send a kit for you to send the bag to them and give you a percentage of the selling price.


We all have old cell phones lying around, maybe an outdated laptop, or an ipod that just gets no use. You can turn them in to Best-buy for store credit, sell them at Gazelle online, and others. You won’t get nearly the price you paid for them, but still its cash in your pocket.


This one seems a bit odd or unbelievable, but its true. You can make a few bucks selling old magazines. There is a catch, they need to be really old vintage publications of popular magazines like Vogue or Time.

Once you have all the clutter out of your home and a new stack of cash its time to get to the deep cleaning. Let the professionals take care of the carpets, tile and upholstery as only a professional can. Professional deep cleaning will have your home its cleanest clean and you will be ready to enjoy it for another year. Make an appointment online with All Kleen.