It’s that time of year when your pets are spending more time outdoors, and with that means a higher risk of a flea infestation. These little blood sucking pests take up residence on your furry family member and then are brought inside the home to breed in your carpet and end up on your skin biting you causing itchy and unsightly red bumps.  How to Get Fleas Out of the Carpet

Of course when fleas enter your home you will want to do anything possible to get those little blood sucking pests out of your territory and fast. A frequently asked question among many pet owners is” how do I get fleas out of the carpet? “ Below are several methods you can use to get those sneaky and rapidly multiplying little pests out of your home.

First let’s start with some natural and non-toxic flea removal methods. These are the safest ways to remove fleas  from your home.  

  1. Vacuum: use a vacuum with strong suction to clean flea infested carpet, upholstery and even bedding several times a week. This will help to dramatically reduce the flea population. The strong suction can suck up fleas as well as eggs. Use an extension tool to clean under furniture, along baseboards, and in corners. After each vacuuming throw away the bag in an outside garbage or clean out the canister to prevent eggs from hatching.
  2. Diatomaceous Earth: Sprinkle carpets with a thin layer of food grade diatomaceous earth. This natural occurring product is non- toxic to both humans and pets but you will want to wear a mask when applying the powder to the carpet to avoid lung irritation. Keep pets out of the room while applying and use just a thin layer. Leave it on overnight and vacuum in the morning. The powder with damage the exoskeleton of the fleas and any other insect. Repeat this process until all fleas are gone as it does not kill eggs.
  3. Boric Acid: this naturally occurring substance in powder form kills fleas and eggs by drying them out. While boric acid is non-toxic to humans and pets it can be irritating to eyes and lungs so wear goggles and a mask when applying it to the carpet. Coat carpet in the powder and use a good stiff bristle broom to work it down to the base of the fibers. Let the powder sit on the carpet for a minimum of three days and then vacuum. Repeat if needed until all fleas are gone.
  4. Simple Trap: There is a simple trap you can use to attract adult fleas. Unfortunately this will not kill eggs so it may take the longest out of all of the methods or you can use it in conjunction with another method. Add a tablespoon of dish soap to a shallow bowl of water. Set the bowl in a spot of heavy infestation and turn all the lights off. Shine a desk or directional lamp onto the water to attract the fleas. The soap will be too slippery to escape and the fleas will drown. In the morning flush bowl of water and fleas down the toilet. Set the trap each night until fleas are gone.

The natural methods do work but they may take some time and patience. If you have a particularly bad or heavy infestation you may want to go right to a vet’s offices and ask for a recommended treatment. These usually carry some pretty heavy chemicals and may require you to leave the home for a bit while it is doing the work.

Once you believe you have removed all the eggs it is wise to have a professional carpet cleaning to ensure you have removed every last egg. The hot temperature and extreme suction of a professional carpet cleaning will get whatever is left in your carpet stubbornly hanging on. After the steam cleaning you will of course want to take every measure to prevent a new infestation with vacuuming and even some outdoor flea prevention in your yard.

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