Get Furniture Ready for Out of Town Guests

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, with community activities, cute school programs, parties galore, and family gatherings that bring in out of town visitors to your home. Before those guests arrive in your home you will want to make your home into a clean festive and comfortable place to welcome those out of towners. One place your guests will no doubt end up hanging out is on your furniture so now is the perfect time to clean and spruce up that upholstered sofa or chair.

A professional cleaning can do wonders to bring life back to your furniture and in some cases have your furniture looking and smelling brand new. Yes you could just grab your clean white cloth and a homemade cleaning solution and do a quick spot check or you could head down to the nearest grocery store and rent one of those do it yourself steam cleaners with the upholstery attachment but you will find that after all your hard work the sofa is not as clean as it could be or worse off than when you first started. Spot cleaning will get the spots out that aren’t clinging for dear life but it will not clean the deep down soil that has been gathering. Renting a machine and steaming the upholstery yourself requires a lot of know-how and careful hard work as you take the risk of using too much moisture. You may find yourself with a very soggy and smelly sofa at the end of your hard work if you aren’t careful. A rentable machine also does not have the capability to get your sofa as deeply clean as professional machines. Hiring a pro to do the work will also leave you the time for the long list of things you need to accomplish before your company arrives. Apro can also apply stain guard to your furniture to help with those inevitable accidental holiday spills.

Let All Kleen do the work to prepare your comfy furniture for your incoming guests leaving you with more time for other preparations..