How to Get Your Kids to Clean and Organize Their Room

It’s still Spring and with that comes spring cleaning. There is nothing like going through every room  in your home and getting it into top shape. In this article we take a look at kids’ bedrooms, wouldn’t be awesome if your kids rooms was set up in a way that your child could keep it clean and organized on their own? Below are some tips to streamline the items in children’s bedrooms and help them to take better care of their belongings; a lesson that will benefit them as they grow. 

  • Don’t Expect Too Much

Although it would be a dream come true if your child decided to color code their closet and vacuum their floors every other day, in most cases this probably isn’t going to happen especially if you have very young children. The first thing you want to do when teaching children to clean is to lead by example. Kids are like sponges, monkey see monkey do. If you are exhibiting good clean practices chances are they will too.

  • Make it Fun

This is a great tool especially for those who have children ages 2-4. Find something interesting or appealing to make cleaning a fun and positive activity. For example: set a timer and see how many things can get put away before the buzzer, or  give them their own set of special cleaning  tools( like an old sock to wear on their hand) to do tasks right along side you.For more age specific cleaning tips check out this article at HGTV.

  • Use a Task Chart

Post a list of weekly or even daily things or maybe a combo of both that need to be done to keep the space tidy. Make it so they can check off items on their own once they have been accomplished. This helps your child to clearly know what is expected as well as take pride in getting things done.

  • Make a Cleaning Map

Work together with your child to make a colorful and fun drawing of their room that they can label where things should be put away. This helps them to be part of the planning and not feel so intimidated about cleaning up when they have a clear understanding of where things belong.

  • Plenty of Storage

In any space it is tough to keep it clean and organized without a proper system and place to put things away. Make sure your kids have enough room to put things neatly away. If there is just no more room you will want to consider what items could be donated that rarely get used.

Set your kids up with clear expectations and an easy system for accomplishing tasks and they just may surprise you. Once the room is tidy it will be ready for some professional deep cleaning.

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