Its summer time and there is no doubt the moms of school age children everywhere have dealt with more mess from a larger number of kids going through the house during the middle of the day, and if you had a nickel for every time you heard “I’m Bored” you may just be able to go on a shopping spree. Here are some tips to get the kids involved in the household cleaning process and make it fun at the same time.Get Your Kids Cleaning and Make it Fun

There are actually endless ways you can turn cleaning your home into a fun activity. Who doesn’t like to use their imagination? Step into the land of make believe with a little pretend play. You and your children can pretend you are maids or butlers or maybe for the princess lovers out there Cinderella. Dressing up to get into character makes it even funner. Who doesn’t want to clean when they can become a character right out of a favorite story book and be swept up into story land?

How about a little FRIENDLY competition? This works well with children of all ages even teens love a good competition. See who can tidy up their room the fastest or get their bathroom the cleanest. Give a small list of chores to older kids and see who finishes first. Make the game more interesting by offering some sort of prize or reward and don’t forget to put yourself in the competition.

Take your younger children shopping for cleaning tools. Let them pick out brightly colored tools that fit their smaller hands. They will be excited to go home and try out their new tools. Plus it will be much easier for your little ones to clean more efficiently with tools that are easier for them to use.

Have a dance party. Blast some of their favorite toons and sing and dance with the mop and the broom. Vacuuming is a lot more fun when done to the beat of your favorite song. Let loose and get silly with it. Enjoy your cleaning time and a few laughs as well. As an added bonus you will get a mini work out in as well.

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When the house is clean take your crew out for something special like their favorite meal or a movie. While you are away All Kleen can get the deep cleaning of your upholstery, carpet and tile taken care of so you return to a deeply cleaned and relaxing home. Schedule an appointment online for fast service you can trust.

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