Getting Ready for an Entire Home Carpet Cleaning

It is recommended that once a year you have your carpets professionally deep cleaned with hot water extraction. Some people choose to spread out the deep cleaning process and get a small section done at a time and others prefer to get it done all at once and have every bit of carpet throughout the home cleaned in one session.Getting Ready for an Entire Home Carpet Cleaning - North Seattle and Snohomish County

If you go with the later option there is a bit more preparation involved than getting a small section or just a room or two taken care of. Here are some tips for prepping for an entire home carpet cleaning.

Coordinate Schedules

When the whole house is being cleaned you, of course, will want to make sure the people that live in the house are out of the way. Designate one person to stay home and hang out in a room without carpet and make arrangements for the rest of the family to go out. Set up play dates for the kids and give your spouse the gift of a day to do whatever they want on their own. (They can return the favor by setting aside time for you to have a day to yourself later.)

Make sure the person staying home has plenty to do in the room without carpet while hanging out.

Make Plans/Arrangements for the Furniture

No your furniture is not a family member and likely won’t need a play date, but it does need to be out of the way. Ask your professional cleaner what they do and don’t provide as far as furniture movement. Some companies will do it all while others require home owners to have each room furniture free and ready to clean when they arrive.

Communicate Unique Property Features

Be very specific with the cleaning company about what areas you are wanting to be deep cleaned and any unique challenges they may face in certain areas such as: very narrow hallways, rooms with odd angles, stairs, if you expect the carpet in the closet to be cleaned, etc. This will allow for the truest quote. For the best estimate ask if the cleaner is willing to come to your home and look at it before giving a quote.


Having strangers come into the home with large pieces of equipment that make weird noises can be frightening or even traumatizing for pets. You may want to consider having a pet sitter take your pets or sending them out with your spouse.

Plan for Dry Times

Hot water extraction cleaning uses less water and allows for less dry time, but there will still be dry time. Plan to have a few hours of drying time after your floors are finished. (This is much better than the standard 24 hour dry time with other cleaning methods)

For the best carpet cleaning in the North Seattle and Snohomish County areas make an appointment online with All Kleen.


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