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Should You Go with a Carpet Upgrade When Buying a New Home?

Should You Go with a Carpet Upgrade When Buying a New Home?

Posted by on July 13, 2018

Buying a new construction home before it is constructed can be exciting and adventurous. One of the exciting things is the option to customize your brand new, never lived in a home with finishes you choose yourself. The largest finish you will choose in your home is the floor coverings. Each builder offers their own standard, comes with every home, flooring. Depending on the quality of home and/or the price point and the building company itself this offering could be anything from low-grade cream carpet to average quality hardwoods. If you are purchasing before the home is finished often times the builder will offer upgrades in finishes, but they come at an extra cost.  Should You Go with a Carpet Upgrade When Buying a New Home?

If you are given a choice to upgrade should you take it and incur the extra cost?  

The most common of standard carpet offerings included in the base price of new construction homes is usually a 30-ounce cut pile Saxony or a lower end looped Berber. While these carpets do look great for a neutral setting and for generic styling to appeal to all tastes, they are not made to hold up in most private home living situations. They are especially not made to withstand families and multiple people with lots of foot traffic.  

Most commonly, upgrade selections are going to be a step up in quality, but not a jump up. These carpets will be more durable, offer more color choices, and a different fiber type, but they still are not going to be of the highest quality or high-end. (At least not with a mid-level home. Some luxury builders will offer high-end carpet choices for a higher price.)  

So Should You Pay for the Upgrade?  

The answer to whether you should accept the standard flooring offered with the home or upgrade to a bit better carpet is dependent upon your plans for the home. If you are buying brand new because you want everything to be in peak condition, you don’t want to have to do any remodeling or major repairs, and you just want to be able to enjoy your investment for a while, then purchase the highest quality upgrade possible. This is the place to spend most of your upgrade budget if you don’t want to redo anything right away because floors are large and they have to stand up to being walked on among other things.  

If you are ok with replacing the carpet after a few years, you should consider not paying for an upgrade. You can save up your money and get any floor of your choosing that is on the market. You may even be able to find a higher quality flooring than the builder offers at a much lower price.  

If You Do Choose to Upgrade 

If you decide to go with the upgraded carpet options the builder offers make sure to purchase the highest quality carpet possible for your budget. Don’t judge carpet quality by the weight alone. Ask the builder if you can get the details on each carpet’s face weight, twist level, manufacturer’s performance rating, etc. so that you can make the best and most informed decision.  Also make sure to get an upgraded carpet pad. The pad is very important. Always upgrade to the highest quality pad offered and if all you can afford is to upgrade the pad then do that instead of upgrading the carpet. A poor pad will drastically reduce the life of your carpet.  

Try an Alternate Approach 

If you want the highest level of carpet and can budget for it, but don’t want to have to replace the flooring after your home is finished then ask the builder about the option of purchasing the home without floor coverings installed. Some builders will allow this, but they will not offer it. This allows you to have the very floors you want installed right from the beginning. Sometimes you can even get the builder to give you a credit since you are not having any flooring installed.  

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